Guardians of the Past

20th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Around daggerford

Uldred, Tellazar, and the others are awakened by Lord Hawkwinter’s men before the cock’s crow. Still half-asleep, they get dressed and stumble into the stable area where they are given a cup of ale and a chunk of bread. Corthen notices that other warriors and obvious mercenaries are here, too. Before he can ask any questions, Lord Hawkwinter walks in. The normally open and friendly lord is grimmer than the party has ever seen him.

“Good people,” he says, “I apologize for having roused you from your much-deserved rest, but I am facing a personal crisis, and I need your help. My daughter, Kyrin, seems to have been abducted by Baron Agwain, with whom we dined with last evening.” A murmur ripples through the assembled group. The heroes remember Baron Agwain coming to the inn two nights ago. Eremoes continues. “At this time I have no idea why the Baron did this, but I intend to ask him, persistently, until I get an answer I like. However, first I must get my hands on the good Baron, and that is where you all come in. I am offering 100 gold coins to every able warrior who aids in the search for my daughter.”

Lord Hawkwinter explains that Baron Agwain is a noble from the Secomber region. Lord Eremoes has consulted with the traveling priestess of Lathander and her divinations indicate that the Baron has fled for home with the Hawkwinter heir. Lord Hawkwinter says there are three routes he might have taken. The first route is the northernmost, along the Delimbiyr Route. This road seems the most likely, and Lord Hawkwinter and his personal guard will follow that path. The second route is directly north of the River Delimbiyr and south of the mountains. The third possibility is across the river and along its southern bank, a route leading into orc territory.

The gathered dwarves here under Tulmgar chime in that they know the Southern route and will gladly make some orc whelps orphans. The gathered hireswords agree to join with Tulmgar. Lord Hawkwinter turns to Corthen and asks, "Can I ask the Circle of Valor to take the second route north of the river? Corthen quickly confers with the others before giving Lord Eremoes Hawkwinter an affirmative reply. The party returns to their rooms to put on armor and gather weapons. They return to the stables to gather their mounts shortly after dawn.

The group rides south from the Roosting Griffon Inn along the road. In midafternoon, Nolia finds tracks off of the Tradeway in the mud that lead off to the east. She examines the horse prints and informs her comrades that she can count at least ten horses and the tracks are about seven hours old based on the drying mud. The party follows the female ranger as she keeps a watchful eye on the ground. Near dark the party stops and makes camp for the night so as to rest the horses to prevent injuring them by trying to ride them further today.



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