Guardians of the Past

23rd of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The members of the Circle of Valor meet with King Melandrach before dawn. He is accompanied by a bodyguard of 12 green elf warriors. The King of Laughing Hollow requests that the party find a way to stop the poisoned waters from flowing from the mountain. He explains that his people are unable to enter the confined spaces of the mountain tunnels. The elves live in the open with the sky always above them and his people have tried to enter the mountain but had to turn back after the cramped confines became too much for them.

The party agrees to help and promises to do whatever they can. The King promises to leave warriors here at the base camp to guard their mounts from orcs and other creatures that might wander down from the mountain. The adventurers enter the crevasse. Massive metal doors have been uncovered by the landslides from the earthquakes.

The group enters a large room with recent cracks running across the floor. Nolia finds tracks going through to some western passages. The group follows the orc trail to another large chamber. The underlying dwarven stonework has been defaced and much of the walls are covered in orcish graffiti. Uldred finds a decending ramp but the passage down has collapsed and is filled with enormous fragments of walls and ceiling. A search of another side chamber finds that the orcs have made it a makeshift latrine.

Searching the quiet confines of the former dwarf hold the party moves down a southern passageway when suddenly Corthen is struck by a bolt. No others are fired and a careful search by Silvaris reveals that the elven warrior stepped upon a pressure switch in the floor causing a trap to spring. The room beyond is dirty and partially filled with cobwebs. There are also some signs that cook fires have burned here in the recent past.

Further exploration finds a chamber with a floor covered with white mold and a steady seepage of water dripping down from the roof. Another adjoining chamber is filled with walls of orcish graffiti, but no orcs. The party comes to a heavy bronze door. Silvaris and Rehs look the door over and declare it safe to open. Silvaris claims that the toymaker has the makings of a good locksmith having spent years tinkering with gears and moving toys. He says that he will try and show him a few things.

Behind the door is a flight of stairs up to another level. The party climbs the stairs and enter another vacant room. Traveling through several passages the party discovers a chamber where an immense iron chain descends from a shaft in the ceiling and exits through a shaft in the floor. The party is suddenly attacked by a large band of orcs, goblins, and several trolls. The adventurers fight back against the small horde the has surrounded them. Tellazar and Saedellas cast spells while the others wield spears, swords, and daggers against the horde. The party suffers some wounds but they defeat the mixed band of evil humanoids.

Saedellas uses magic of his spear and speaks with the departed soul of one of the orcs. He asks the creature where they took the human female to. The orc is compelled to answer the elven priest and informs him that the humans above took her from the tribe and that they were seeking her before they were killed.

The heroes go through the door that their attackers came from. The large chamber appears to be a guard room. The party checks out the surrounding rooms and passages. Vilnullas finds a human corpse decaying inside a nearby room. The man’s corpse is riddled with over a dozen orc arrows. Uldred says that he has been dead for several days.

Corthen approaches a wooden door when he hears some creature shouting in orcish. They say, “You will not fail the Direlord again!” He cracks the door open and sees a host of orcs accompanied by a large brutish creature wearing rough animal hides and carrying a large wicked looking club. The elf motions for his friends to follow him before he sprints into the room and begins swinging his two longswords against the orcs. The others charge into the chamber. The orcs pull wicked blades and some fire arrows at the party. Erith casts a grease spell and puts a number of the orcs onto the stone floor trying to get back up. Nolia and Vilnullas sweep to Corthen’s flank and engage orcs there. Saedellas, Silvaris, Rehs, and Tellazar follow Uldred, Luthoric, and the charmed Baron Agwain as they move towards the large humanoid with the club. The dwarf goes after the ogre while the others throw daggers and fire arrows at any approaching orcs. Once the battle is over the party stands alone in the room. The two priests attend to healing as the others gather coins and valuables from their dead foes.



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