Guardians of the Past

21st of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The adventurers are waiting at the Halfway Inn for Lord Duirsar to contact them again. They are approached by Hadril Mossystone, a Druid of Sylvanus. He asks them if they will help the sylvan denizens of the Forgotten Forest. He informs them that he has approached them since they are idle and have helped rid the forest of an evil not long ago. Hadril doesn’t know what is slaying the forest creatures but he promises to aid them if they are willing to undertake the task.

The party agrees to aid the gnomes and animals of the Forgotten Forest. The druid brings them to a hilltop and with his prayers he summons great eagles to take them quickly to the center of the forest. The eagles carry the Guardians of the Past high in the air and a journey that would take days has taken hours.

The party lands in the forest and begins searching for signs of trouble. They spread out listening for sounds of battle or anything that might lead them to the enemy. Near dusk the party comes to a small clearing with a shallow stream. The ground has been torn up and flies swarm around a pool of blood. An expanding search makes contact with a weak and seriously injured unicorn. It has been shot with several black arrows. The creature allows Uldred and Samira to perform healing spells and restorative magic to save its life. The party sets camp and keeps guard over the wounded unicorn for the night.



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