Guardians of the Past

4th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Corthen makes his way to the Field of Triumph in the Sea Ward accompanied by his adventuring companions. In a few hours he will face the champion of the Ilzimmer House in an Honor Duel. Corthen chooses plate mail armor and two longswords from the master’s armory at the field.

He makes his way onto the field to find the stands are nearly full in the arena. The Field Master pronounces that the duel is for honor and that either combatant may yield at anytime and the victor must accept the surrender. He states that the victor shall have their honor by right of arms.

Corthen looks over his opponent, Derthek Runzaar, the Ilzimmer Champion. He is a tall human of solid build. He carries himself with confidence and comes to the field dressed in plate armor and wielding a bastard sword in both hands. He carries an axe as his second weapon at his waist.

The two warriors are soon engaged in combat. They trade blows and dance around the field before the attentive audience. Several of Corthen’s friends make wagers that he will triumph in the duel. The two men clash weapons looking for weaknesses in their opponent’s training. Corthen lands several good blows but soon realizes he is outclassed against a superior opponent. Some of the crowd, yell for the elf to submit to Derthek, but the elven adventurer ignores the calls and is determined to either win the combat or go down fighting. In few more minutes, the matter is decided for him. The Ilzimmer swordsman lands two successive strikes with his blade putting Corthen down onto the sand floor before the screaming crowd.

Corthen wakes inside a chamber of the arena. He has been revived from unconsciousness by a physic of the Field of Triumph. His friends help him home to the North Ward. Tellazar and the others tell him that he did his best and that he came close to victory. He thanks his friends for their support and tells them he shall triumph in his next battle.



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