Guardians of the Past

Erith shares with his friends that he has gained a bit of information from one of the Huntresses. Uldred asks him how he got the information to which the bard smiles and says a gentleman does not talk of such matters. Erith tells the group that he has learned that a secret passage is rumored to connect to the chamber of the Grim Statue. He explains that is what other groups call the room where they found the statue that discharges lightning.

The party agrees to give the area a try since there may be some choice goods hidden in secret chambers. Corthen and Vilnullas lead the party to the Grim Statue. They wait and observe the room and learn that the statue discharges at regular intervals and only move in once the lightning flies again. The party splits up and begins looking for secret passages. It is Uldred who finds it.

The heroes quickly scoot through the opening to avoid a lightning blast and find the next chamber is occupied. Six stout dwarves with unkempt beards lie on the stone floor snoring loudly. The party carefully inspects them, even having Rehs hold Muragh over them to ensure that they are not some dangerous illusions. Once they are sure of the situation, the party attempts waking the six dwarves. Nothing seems to work, not even magic spells like Dispel Magic. Rehs sees that all purses and valuables other than their armor, axes, and helms have been looted. One dwarf is clutching a wineskin, that he examines and tosses back.

The party searches the room and both Vulnullas and Corthen discover secret doors. The party decides to take the hidden passage on the West wall. The group travels through the halls and soon discover that one door links up the chamber of the whispering ghost that had previously attacked Rehs. The group passes by the door to seek other areas out.

The party finds a large empty hall off to the south. Exploring the area, each of the Guardians of the Past can hear faint pipe music that sounds as if it playing from outside of the chamber. The party seeks out the source of the melancholy pipe music, but they cannot find it and leave the room.

The party moves to a long chamber with of rusted blades protruding from cracks in the walls as well as long spikes descending down almost to the floor. The party slowly makes their way through the mass of rusted traps to the end of the room. There Samira finds a medium wooden shield covered in dust. Etched inside is the name Florin Falconhand in common. The party retreats and makes plans to attack the whispering ghost in the morning. The party makes its way back around to the Fountain of Thoughtfulness and makes camp.



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