Guardians of the Past

23rd of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword (Part II)

The heroes along with the added blades of Rehs the Toymaker, the charmed Baron Agwain, and the Crusader of Tyr, Luthoric Coldsnows, resume their search for the missing noblewoman, Kyrin Hawkwinter. The party moves down the stone corridors until they come to another door along the passage. Silvaris probes the door for danger and he sets off a trap. A stone block above the door lintel drops and strikes the thief.

Searching other chambers in the area turns up rooms with burned out torch stubs and another hall with broken stone furniture covered with cobwebs. Corthen prepares to burn out all of the spider nests in the hopes of finding obscured treasures beneath when the group is ambushed from behind by a combined force of goblins, orcs, and a troll. The goblins and orcs fall and the heroes finally manage to fell the nasty smelling troll.

The party decides to ascend a flight of stairs off of the orcish guardroom they cleared earlier. The group moves down the hallway and encounter two sentry orcs in a side chamber. The orcs blow warning horns and try to defend themselves, but are unable to fend off the multiple attacks of the adventurers. After the sentries are killed, the group decides to hold here and await the expected orcish reinforcements. After several minutes of quiet Silvaris decides to try and sneak forward and scout for any goblins trying to sneak up on them. After moving around a blind corner in the passage and moving cautiously to an intersection, numerous arrows fly out from the east and north passages. One of the black arrows hits him in the side and he flees the ambush.

The rogue informs his friends that the orcs have set up an ambush in the corridor ahead and he advises the group that they should retreat and try to find the humans holding Kyrin or the green water spilling out and harming the surrounding lands. He suggests they return after dealing with those issues when the orcs are not expecting them.

The heroes retreat back down to the lower level. The party find several more abandoned rooms with stone furniture and water puddles. Corthen opens a door to another vault and is greeted by the squeaking and scattering of brown rats. He leads a search of the rat room and finds nothing of value. The party moves down the hallway and suddenly Erith calls out to the others. Kyrin Hawkwinter has come up behind the group and nearly scared the bard by her sudden appearance.

The party is happy to find Kyrin. Corthen asks her what happened and how she got free. The young noblewoman says that she was snatched by an orc raiding party in the forest a day ago. She says that once back inside that the orcs were attacked by a band of armed humans and they took her from the orc party. She says that the humans follow some leader named Kelthas. Asked again how she got free from the humans, Kyrin explains that she was finally able to use her hidden ring and slip away invisibly. She said she has been wandering around looking for an exit when she saw rats running down a corridor. Then she saw the party’s light and made contact.

Baron Agwain begins loudly professing his love for Kyrin angering almost everyone. Several threats are made to the charmed noble if he doesn’t desist. Kyrin tells the group that since the Baron snatched her days ago he has been spouting love poetry and acting very strange, like thinking she is in love with him despite her protestations. Erith suggests the group exit the hold before the Baron manages to draw every troll and orc down onto them. The group descends to the lower level and exits the dwarven-made dungeon. The party returns to the base camp where the King has left 20 green elves to watch over their mounts and supplies.



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