Guardians of the Past

1st of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Saedellas uses a prayer to mind read the drow prisoner to gain knowledge of recent events he has witnessed. Saedellas sees images of a giant spider devouring a woman wrapped in spider silk as well as an image of the drained remains of a third woman’s body. The elven priest also sees an image of the jester, it seems that he has had contact with the Drow and he sees an image of the altar room.

Saedellas shares the news that the Jester has been aiding the Drow and that all of the kidnapped women are dead, sacrificed to a giant spider. Corthen becomes incensed and tells his comrades that the Drow guard is an evil murderer and he needs to pay for his crimes. He tells them he will take care of him now. No one stops the warrior. He places his longsword between the Drow’s neck and his collarbone and slides the blade down swiftly. Uldred preserves the bodies of the dead Drow to keep them from stinking up the campsite.

Corthen decides that he needs to search the altar room some more. He tells the others to stay back in the hallway leading to the Drow Temple and await his call to enter the room. Corthen checks the altar and finds nothing. He then carefully opens the hidden compartment that is located in the giant spider idol that dominates the chamber. Just as he opens the door to the compartment to peer in, the blade of a longsword stabs the elven treasure hunter in the head and he lets out a gurgled scream before collapsing onto the flagstone floor unmoving.

Uldred rushes into the room and he catches a glimpse of the garish clothing and he can hear the jingling bells of the undead creature known as the Jester as he flees north. The party rushes into the chamber. The two priests check over their fallen friend. His is alive, but Uldred says that his skull is broken from the blade’s penetration. They strip him of his heavy armor and gear before Tellazar loans Saedellas the Ring of Undermountain to transport the wounded Corthen back to the mansion quickly. The other members gather the remains of the deceased woman and walk back to the entry well.



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