Guardians of the Past

21st of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The group resumes their travels north on the road from Waterdeep to Amphail, their destination. At midday the group stops to take a break and eat. While they are dining someone mentions they should pull out the bags of ashes that are the remains of the Jester and make sure he is not reforming through some type of regenerative process.

The group goes to remove the bags of ashes from their packs only to discover that the bags are empty!
Tellazar checks his pack and even the golden mask that belonged to the jester is missing. For an hour the air of this roadside meadow is filled with curses and invectives towards the Jester before the decision is made to make haste to Amphail in the hopes that the missing remains of the cursed clown are somehow reforming in his burial chamber of the tomb. The group returns to its travels, even then, an occasional curse is muttered against the creature the rest of the day.



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