Guardians of the Past

1st of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Several uneventful days of sailing have gone by. The previous day was Greengrass a day of Celebration, ushering in the coming Spring. The crew and passengers observed a simple feast held by Captain. The party’s priests spent much of the day in meditation and reflection.

_ _
The Mermaid Sword is nearing the island of Alaron according to Captain Veldyrina. She expects to enter the channel of South Great Head in the morning. In their down time, the ship’s crew shows the adventurers some very basic sailing skills and explains setting a sail and other nautical terms. After another evening dinner with the Captain, the party goes their separate ways with Corthen and Rehs setting up for the first night watch over the main hold’s hatch. Ayremyr sneaks off for a tryst with Jessandra Blossom. During the last watch, Jolen, one of the crew, goes to check the aft deck night fishing lines like every night. Erith, Uldred, and Ayremyr suddenly see the sailor fall back to the main deck with a loud thud. Arenthor, manning the helm, roars “Ho! To arms! We’re under attack!” Ayremyr and Uldred charge the aft deck while Erith rouses his sleeping companions. On the aft deck, a fierce battle is under way as Arenthor and six crew members fight off a contingent of sea ghouls!
The ship

The dwarf and the elf rush up the ladder to aid the ship’s crew. Erith awakens Rehs, Corthen, Samira, and Tellazar. Rehs grabs his bracers and blades and dashes out the door. Corthen and Tellazar grab weapons and equipment soon followed by Samira. By the time Corthen arrives on deck the ghouls have paralyzed Arenthor and two of the crew. The Guardians of the Past thrust their way forward in the bloody battle and engage the sea ghouls. Blades and spells destroy most of the sixteen sea lacedons before three of the undead retreat by rolling over the rails and plunge into the sea once again.

Two of the crew are dead from the ghouls, and another three, including Arenthor, are badly wounded. Corthen, Ayremyr and Erith are wounded as well and the priests tend to all of the wounded before saying a few words over the deceased. Corthen and Samira speak to Captain Veldyrina. She thanks the heroes for their aid and she offers them future free passage anywhere on the Sword Coast. Corthen asks her if the ship has ever been attacked by undead before. Veldyrina tells the adventurers that she has never been attacked by the dead before. She says that the only stories she has ever heard of involved ships in becalmed waters or those anchored over a shipwreck. Corthen tells her that he believes that the attack was somehow linked to the ship’s cargo and unknown enemies wishing to take the cargo.



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