Guardians of the Past

25th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

In the morning, Luthoric the Crusader of Tyr, informs the party that he is departing. He states that his two goals have been met. He has assisted in the rescue of Kyrin Hawkwinter and he had aided in ending the deadly stream of water poisoning crops, farm animals, and wildlife. He tries to find out if anyone wishes to convert to Tyr one last time before he leaves.

The remaining adventurers agree that they wish to take the fight to Kelthas and his forces. They speak to the dwarves who gives the party some basic directions to the different levels and which faction holds it. The heroes leave the dwarven enclave and travel through the cistern room. The party travels up a different ramp and explore the room at the top. There the party finds an old firepit and the cooked bones of a deer carcass. The exiting hallway is only 5’ wide. Uldred and Silvaris determine that the hall was once trapped with a moving wall but the trap failed and the wall froze in its current location.

Down another passage Vilnullas and Corthen trigger a pit trap that they both tumble into. The others assist the two wounded warriors from the stake lined pit. In another chamber Saedellas finds the rat-gnawed body of a dead orc. In a chamber next door they find a room being used by the orcs and goblins as a privy. The party goes back through the secret door to the room where they plan to ambush Kelthas’ forces. When the group reaches the room however, they find Darfin standing in the dark waiting for them. The human is dead! His throat has been slit and his clothing and armor are covered in his dried blood. He wears a sign tied around his neck that reads “You will die like this traitor!” The animated zombie that was Darfin tries to attack Vilnullas and the adventurers dispatch the shambling undead.

The party cautiously moves up the ramp to where Kelthas and his forces are known to be. At the top of the ramp the heroes are attacked by a clutch of skeletons. Once the bony attackers have engaged the party, several dwarven followers of the necromancer yell warning of intruders before joining the melee. During the battle Tellazar is struck and he falls unmoving to the floor. Uldred does a healing prayer over the unconcious mage which stirs him back to awareness. He is concious but weak and unable to fight or cast magic. The group decides to retreat back down the ramp.

Once the party withdraws, they discuss sending someone out to scout the necromancer’s lair. Rehs Wrenwater, the rescued toymaker volunteers to undertake the solo mission. Erith offers to cast Invisibility on his person to allow him to pass most creatures unmolested. Rehs slips back up the ramp to the level of the evil wizard. When the toymaker turned adventurer reports that he found a set of stairs leading up and he overheard ten human guards at a guard post talking to Bryn, an apprentice of Kelthas the Dread, Necromancer of the Dark Arts. He said that Bryn warned the humans to be watching for the elven mercenaries that the dwarves had brought into the dwarfhold. He says that he also learned of a half-orc priest named Jorakul.

The party decides to return to the dwarf enclave and let Tellazar rest since he nearly was killed in the battle earlier. Once there the party learns that Morri, a gnome in Korin’s service, has the ability to identify magical items. From his examination they learn that they have acquired a Cloak of Elvenkind, a Ring of Protection, and Gauntlets of Ogre Strength.



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