Guardians of the Past

2nd of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party passes the night without being attacked by the dungeon’s denizens. They don armor and pull out blades and missile weapons before traveling west from their current location. Rehs clears a door and picks the lock before the warriors step forward to lead the party into danger. Corthen swings open the stone door and discovers a room empty except for a circular table of dark wood. Resting on it is a single skull.

As the Guardians of the Past approach the table, the skull speaks.“Well met, I do believe. Adventurers bold, are ye? I’m Muragh Brilstagg, Rod of Lathander. and who might ye be, if I may be so bold?” The party backs up, staring at the talking skull. Rehs lets loose a few curses and slips back away from the table.

Corthen and Samira step forward to speak to Muragh. Samira asks what he is. Muragh’s response is that he kindly greeted the party and introduced himself. Cautiously Corthen introduces himself and says that they are indeed adventurers. He asks the skull about why he is here. The skull informs the heroes that he was formerly a priest of Lathander the Morninglord in Waterdeep. He says that an evil wizard placed a curse upon him that forced his life essence to remain behind after death. Muragh says that he was killed some time ago in a nasty tavern brawl at the Bloody Bucket Tavern. He says that his corpse was tossed into an alley outside and when a member of the City Guard found his corpse he spoke to the man who promptly freaked out and severed his head from his rotting corpse and booted his head into the harbor.

Muragh says that he lay in the waters for some time until some local mermen netted him and took him to the surface and gave him over to a duty wizard of the City Watch, Thandalon Holmeir. The skull relates that the wizard probed him with magics and finally took him back to his spell library in the palace. He goes on to say he resided there for a year in Thandalon’s library until one night thieves broke into the room and he yelled for the guards. The thieves snatched Muragh and ran off. He says that when they took him out of the bindings and the sack they carried him in, they set him here in this underground room. He states they left after asking him dozens of questions regarding treasure and magic and they never have returned.

Corthen asks the Muragh how long has he been been in this room. The skull answers that he does not know since he has not seen the sun for a long time and has had no way to track the days. Erith asks him what year did he die. Muragh responds that it was the Year of Spilled Blood. The group realizes that he died fifty years ago. The party checks the room for secret passages and hidden treasures and finds none. Preparing to leave, the skull begs that they take him with them. He adds that he wants to leave this room and will offer his services to them if they take him out of the empty room. The group talks among themselves and decides that they will at least take him to the surface.

Leaving Muragh’s former room the party comes across a room filled with crates of food. The party looks over the food stores and decides to eat some of the choice finds and replenish their carried rations before leaving.

Traveling north and west the adventurers come to a group of doors. Rehs checks and and then opens a stone door. A large winged creature made of iron swoops down and tries to land on the thief. He manages to dodge the iron gargoyle. Corthen charges forward and attacks. His strike lands true and he cuts the creature in half killing it in the first moments of combat! Vilnullas finds a secret door and opens it to be hit with a smashing stone trap when he pulls the stone wall open.

The party engages a trio of trolls in another of the chambers. One troll is defeated quickly by the warriors of the party. The remaining trolls get a few blows in, but eventually they too are dispatched and burned by Corthen’s sword. Samira finds a leather bag inside a circle of bones on the floor. She opens it to discover treasure which includes a drinking cup that appears to have once belonged to a dwarf named Tolm Grandhammer. Uldred speaks up and tells the others that he wishes to take the cup as part of his share when the party sits down to divide it spoils. The party is a little worse for wear and decide to retreat to a safe room to make camp for the night.



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