Guardians of the Past

30th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The party leaves the fountain chamber and returns to the passages where they fought the ghasts the previous day. The heroes find a long hall with numerous doors along the east wall. Rehs checks each door for mechanical traps and to see if the doors are locked. He finds one portal is locked and is unable to move the locking triggers.

The party decides to bypass the stone doors and explore the bend in the passage below the portals. The group encounters a passage partially filled with dirty cobwebs. Corthen tries to set the assembled webs ablaze but the flames sputter pitifully and do not spread successfully. Undaunted, the elven warrior hacks a path open and enters the chamber beyond with his friends following closely behind.

Once in the room partially filled with webbing, the heroes are set upon by six large hungry arachnids and a hairy humanoid creature with long arms and red eyes who joins the spiders in their attack. Corthen, Erith, Vilnullas, and Uldred stand against the spiders with weapons, while Samira and Tellazar cast spells and Rehs hurls his deadly daggers. Losing the battle the hairy humanoid flees the battle. After dispatching the last of the spiders, Corthen and Vilnullas look for him. Discovering a series of secret storage niches in the south wall, the party opens several to find contain human skeletons and another holds the hiding spider ally. Corthen quickly attacks the fleeing creature and he is brought down by the group.

A search of the chamber leads to a uncovered well full of black water. Once again, it is Corthen who volunteers to delve into water. He dives down numerous times into the toxic water and pulls items out of the putrid water. He pulls rotting clothing, coins, rusting swords, a crystal sphere, boots, belts, and bits of armor. Tellazar gathers the assembled items and learns that one pair of boots, a pair of bracers, the crystal orb, and a short sword are all enchanted. Pleased with the haul and desire to learn the properties of the items, the group agrees to leave Undermountain for the city. They return to the well and bang upon the shields to signal their desire to leave the dungeon to Durnan.



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