Guardians of the Past

28th of Uktar 1364 Year of the Wave

Erith has discovered some information on the mermaid platemail that was found in the ghast burial chamber. He says that it belonged to Warrior, Thorblos the Wavehammer, and that he lived in Waterdeep 150 years ago.

The nine members of the Circle of Valor gather together for a new expedition into the Underhalls. Corthen leads the party west into halls they have not mapped. Down a hall they see a light slowly moving towards them. Cortonas sneaks up to investigate and sees two men. One of them is wielding a long sword. Corthen moves forward and the light goes out. He hails the unknown party and they respond. Corthen learns it is Delphar and Zaras, a duo the party encountered several months ago. They tell the group not to head down the way they came because of the hallway is full of traps. Corthen thanks them and heeding their advice changes direction.

The adventurers come to a unique chamber. The north wall has a large face carved into it and it stares directly across the room. Vilnullas finds a secret door. A small stone on the south wall triggers the secret door and it connects to a room which leads back to an area they have already explored. Corthen finds a large detached claw lying on the floor.

Searching another nearby room Saedellas finds a secret door and a small stone which activates the door. The hidden passage comes to a room with five orc warriors. There are engravings covering the walls. The orcs want a fight and the party is happy to oblige. Silvaris takes some orcish manufacture caltrops from the spoils. Cortonas finds some knuckle bones and coins on the floor. Apparently the orcs were gambling when the heroes interrupted them. Tellazar and Uldred spend 40 minutes looking over the engravings carved into the walls and discover that they are mage spells; hold portal, light and an unfamiliar spell named arcane sensitivity.

Down a hall the explorers come to a large chamber lit with torches. There is a massive spider idol in a rearing position in the room. It has gems for eyes. Two drow guards stand watch at the doorway arch. There is a moon elf woman tied between the spider idols legs. Large spiders descend on the elf and the heroes rush to her aid. In the the battle, the party dispatches the drow warriors and managed to kill a large number of spiders. Corthen is angry that more drow are not present as he feels the large buckler-sized spiders are not worth dirtying his blades with. The other members cajole him into aiding them in destroying the remaining spiders and help them free the young elven lady.

Silvaris and Saedellas free the elven prisoner and try to talk to her but she is disoriented from spider poison in her body. Saedellas tends the girl while Corthen and the rogues loot the drow and search the spider idol. Silvaris finds a room inside the thorax of the spider accessed thru a panel behind the altar that was near where the elf was held. There is a keyhole in the panel and Silvaris easily picks it. A large spider with insect wings flies out and attacks the party. Uldred and Corthen fiercely attack the creature and the others join in. They kill the flying spider. Inside the compartment, Cortonas finds an ivory coffer with 3 scrolls inside. Corthen and Silvaris, who had been bitten in the initial spider fight, begin to feel the effects of the spider toxin in their bodies. The rest of the party aids the stricken elves as well as the elf girl and head back to the well. Adama Miiralln, priest of Tymora, examines the three and determines that they have all been poisoned, but will recover in time without need for any herbs or antidotes. The group retires to the manor house with the girl.



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