Guardians of the Past

9th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave (Part II)

Corthen Nightglade rouses from his reverie. He was reliving his vivid memories of when he was just 26 years and he and his playmates had found the injured faun. Corthen can hear shouting. It is not part of the past. It must be from the present then. He removes himself from the meditative state and returns his mind back into his body once again. The moon elf warrior is concerned, he grabs his swords and leaves his bedchamber to investigate. He finds Saedellas armed with a sword and daggers in the hall of the third floor of the manor house. The priest is looking at the staircase going down to the ground floor. The two of them join together and run down the spiral staircase trying to find out what has raised an alarm in the manor house.

Outside the kitchen, a nude Silvaris grabs a poker from the dining room fireplace before breaching the kitchen door with a yell. The bard, Erith, is sitting sprawled on the floor. Blood is pumping from his right forearm which is covered with blood and he is holding the edge of a cloth sack in his right hand. Erith grabs a towel lying nearby with his left hand and presses it to the nasty gash in his arm. He looks up at Silvaris and quips, “I am afraid Morningfeast will be delayed. Your little dead jester burglar was really keen on leaving when he ran by.” The two adventurers hear the door behind Silvaris open. It is Terleeza. She is brandishing the rogue’s longsword and is also completely nude as well.

Erith still sitting on the floor says, “Oh nice, more reinforcements. Well met, brave lady. I am Erith Talvera, Bard of Amphail and a friend of Silvaris. You no longer need the steel, my assailant is gone, fled out the servant’s entrance.”

Suddenly the swinging door to the kitchen bangs open with much force and Corthen and Saedellas armed with swords rush into the room. They stop suddenly as if hit by magic. They both look confused. Silvaris is standing nude near the doorway holding a fireplace poker. Behind him is a human woman with dark hair. She is brandishing a long sword and is also completely nude as well. The two elves slowly lower their blades and stare at the nude woman with a longsword. From the floor, Erith quips, “Well, I was really hoping Sune was answering my pleas. I just prayed for more of her garmentless lady servants to come to my aid. Too bad.”

Silvaris turns to the woman and says, “Get our clothes.” He then walks over to assist Erith up off the floor. “Damn, we must destroy that jester.” he says. The woman looks at Saedellas and Corthen, before moving past them and out the door.

Corthen speaks, "We must take care of this jester soon, or else I fear we will soon have the city guard after us for his crimes. What does everyone think? I don’t think there is time to deal with him before the costume ball, but I also do not want any innocents being murdered by him in the meantime.”

Saedellas says, “I believe we still have a day yet for the ball. We need to send this accursed jester back to the foul pit from whence it came.” Silvaris says, “I agree it was my mistake for bringing him out of the tomb and now we must destroy it. I must apologize to you all for this mistake; I swear it will not happen again. As soon as I get dressed we need to find this thing.”

Erith, holding a towel to his wound, sets down a cloth bag he has been clutching. He opens it. He reaches in and pulls out a horned iron ring, a gold ring, a pair of red boots, and an engraved invitation from inside the brown bag. He looks at the rest of you in amazement before cursing loudly. “By Bane’s blue balls! What is the tluining little bastard up to? Here is my ring, Tellazar’s ring, and your boots, Silvaris. And let’s see… this belongs to Cortonas. It’s his invite to the Hawkwinter Ball. Tymora smiled upon my prying this from his grubby little finger bones.”

“So now the little bastard has thievery on his mind as well!" exclaims Corthen. "We will surely be dealing with him posthaste, but I think we will have to wait until after the costume ball because there is not enough time to make the trip to Amphail,” says Corthen.
Silvaris speaks. “Yes I think you are right, but why would he steal? There has to be a reason. We need to really think about this. Maybe he was taking them to someone; maybe he is being controlled by someone or something. Either way he has to be stopped!”

Saedellas adds his thoughts. “He stole an invitation to the costume ball, I think that is very bad, he may be planning to do something there, after all, as a jester he would fit in and even being an undead jester would not set off many alarms to people there.” The door to the kitchen opens once more and Silvaris’ female friend enters, this time dressed. She walks over to him and hands him his clothing and his sword. “Here lover,” she cooes.

Erith speaks, “Saedellas, my friend, might you aid me in stopping my bleeding?” He picks up the gold ring and places it on his finger. “I agree. I wonder if he is being controlled or not and I think you make a valid point regarding the costume ball. I also think we should check on everyone in the house, we should check all of our possessions, and we should discuss this among the whole group, don’t you think so?”

The others agree that the entire group must meet. Saedellas says a prayer of healing to Corellon and heals the deep cut on Erith’s arm. The kitchen door opens once again and Nolia shuffles into the room. She rubs her eyes trying to wake up. “Hey… what’s going on?” she asks. The kitchen erupts into laughter at the drowsy ranger and her sleeping through the past half hour.



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