Guardians of the Past

21st of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The sounds of guard horns blowing in the city wakes Erith from his night of dreams. As he rubs his eyes and gain awareness of his surroundings he notices that dawn is breaking over the city. More horns blow and several bells from the city’s temples peal as well.

Looking out a window from Saedellas’ house Rehs and Tellazar can see black smoke rising from the Castle Ward, North of Castle Waterdeep. Several griffon riders suddenly fly overhead above them and the rooftops nearby, they quickly move towards the black smoke and are lost from view.

Gathering their gear, the party members reach the paving stones of the city street in front of Erith’s residence. Some neighbors are looking out from their upper windows trying to figure out what has created the stir. Corthen can hear people making comments like, “It’s a fire burning below the Market.” “Gods, protect us. I’d rather drown than burn to ashes I tell you.” And “I can see three buildings burning… One of those is a large home… those Delvers stay there.”

Realizing that the fire burning is connected to the Deep Delvers, Corthen urges the party up the street towards the blaze. When the adventurers get within two blocks of the fire’s location the streets are clogged with citizens trying to watch the inferno. They slowly make their way through the throngs of people. When they get within a block of the burning buildings Samira spots Regnet Amcathra glumly staring as the City Watch and the Watch Wizards put water to the fires that are burning. Regnet is standing beside four other members of the Deep Delvers. Each of them looks upset and shocked by the ongoing events.

Samira asks the noble adventurers what has happened. Regnet Amcathra tells her that the Villa where they resided was attacked and their companion Horth was nearly slain. Bleys Crommor speaks up and says that all of their guards were slain and all of their items for auction that were once owned by Halaster were taken in the attack. Samira asks if Horth is in need of healing and she is informed that Corinna and Jandar have taken him to the temple of Gond for his much needed healing.

Corthen asks Regnet who attacked the house. The young noble says that a giant statue and a horde of gargoyles were responsible for the deaths and the subsequent fire that has spread to to other buildings nearby. Regnet says that Corinna saw the statue and the last of the gargoyles vanish through a glowing blue portal that blinked out when the last creature had walked through the glowing gate. Corthen offers his assistance and the other Guardians join him in an offer of aid. Regnet asks the heroes if they will meet the Deep Delvers at the Dripping Dagger at Highsun. The party agrees to the meeting and they leave the smoke filled streets for Erith’s to discuss matters further.



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