Guardians of the Past

22nd of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar begins to identify the enchanted items the group took from Sniff’s gang as well as the items Rober Moonstar gave them as a reward for successfully returning all of the stolen items. Silvaris gets a cloak of protection and a bag of holding. Saedellas gets a short sword of lightning. Cortonas gets boots of Elvenkind. Erith gets a silver amulet with a pair of feminine eyes surrounded by seven stars which allows him to turn undead creatures as a priest.

Some of the party takes a date out on the ‘Sea Sprite’ to watch the ship races. Quallis Harrim accompanies Saedellas, Terleeza Orthoom goes with Silvaris, Pelordan Silvercrown accompanies Nolia.Neereena Stormcrown accompanies Corthen and Janella Soundinghorn accompanies Erith. The noble Olbrinter family of wins the ship race. Captain Kesro tells his passengers that the Olbrinters are shipwrights, and build good but expensive ships.



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