Guardians of the Past

24th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The group travels north. A large caravan passes moving south towards Waterdeep. The heroes stop at the Baying Hound Inn near dusk. Only two rooms are available, so Samira and Tellazar share a bed with Erith on his bedroll in one room, and Rehs and Corthen sharing another bed and Ayremyr sleeping on his roll in the second room.

After dinner Erith plays his harp and sings for the entertainment of those in the common room. When Corthen tries to join him on his harp he starts playing a completely different tune. Erith recognizes the tune as an old funeral dirge that was heard in recent months during their adventures in Undermountain.

In the sleeping chambers, Rehs and Samira attempt to play music to see what the result is. It turns out they too can only play the same funeral dirge. Samira speculates that a minor curse has affected them.



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