Guardians of the Past

The heroes gather together at the Dripping Dagger to talk over some drinks. An upset Corthen has been mollified somewhat after he speaks to Mirt the Moneylender in the morning and finds out that his imposter never withdrew any of his wealth from Mirt. Corthen is puzzled as to why his imposter spent thousands of gold to furnish his house like a pleasure palace but did not try to steal his secured wealth.

The treasure hunter tells his friends that he is bothered by having someone masquerade about the city claiming to be him and having debauched his good name. He says that he isn’t sure if he can sleep comfortably in his own house now knowing that hundreds of Waterdhavians have used his house as a festhall. A surly Corthen shares that he may consider selling his home if he can find a buyer.

After the warrior has finished venting to the others, Saedellas and Silvaris inform the others that they have some news they wish to share with the group. Silvaris informs the party that he has received a letter from home and that his family needs his assistance with caring for his grandparents who have fallen ill. He tells the party that although he loves adventuring, he will be retiring from the life and returning to Silverymoon. Saedellas speaks up, he tells the stunned group that he also will be returning to Silverymoon with Silvaris. The elven priest offers the use of his home in the South Ward for Rehs or anyone else who wishes to live there.

The two retiring heroes inform the party that they are willing to trade or sell some of their magical adventuring gear to their friends if they are interested. The party members discuss the weapons and cloaks for a while before Erith speaks up. The bard says that since two of the founding members of the group are retiring and returning to Silverymoon that perhaps they could use another traveling companion. Everyone looks at Erith strangely before he elaborates. Erith says he believes it is past time to attempt a resurrection with Whitlowe. The bard pledges four black sapphires fom his personal fortune to make it so. The gathered group is moved by the bard’s suggestion and soon the others chime in and make offers to aid in the plan. The group agrees to find a holy temple in the city who will agree to perform the ceremony. The group leaves the Dripping Dagger and travels to several of the large temples before finding out that the Morninglord of Lathander is willing to perform the service for a proper donation to his temple. The party agrees to their requested donation and promise to return before dawn tomorrow with the gnome’s remains.



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