Guardians of the Past

24th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The party returns to the Yawning Portal after Tellazar spends the previous day casting Identify spells on the enchanted treasure that has been gathered in the last few weeks. Erith pays for passage down the well into Undermountain.

The party explores tunnels near the well that they have never traveled to. In the halls north of the well room the party finds a long wide hall full of beautiful life-like statues of male and female human warriors. Someone has taken the time to chisel off the names of each statue’s base. The party ignores the statues and searches the walls for secret doors but they find none. A large pair of stone doors at the east end of the hall have “Turn back!” written on them in charcoal.

Rehs checks the entryway for traps, so he gives Corthen the all clear. The elven warrior manages to open the large doors. The area beyond is a cavernous chamber indeed! The inside of the doors radiate a blue nimbus that illuminates the party quite well. The floor beyond is blanketed in a thick mist that obscures the floor. Vilnullas says that he can make a tower-like structure more than 80’ away. Suddenly a loud crack is heard and Uldred is struck by a ballista bolt! Corthen and Vilnullas scramble to close the doors. Once they are closed, Samira checks the dwarf. He is alive. He was stunned by the bolt and knocked from his feet. The dwarf is bloody and bruised and will require about a day’s rest the priestess of Mystra says. The party helps the dwarf back to the well and out of Undermountain.



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