Guardians of the Past

3rd of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The party breaks camp in the morning leaving through a stone door of the rat chamber. In the hallway beyond, the group hears a growling voice say, “The door is sealed. Do not approach unless you wish to provoke a being of great power.” Whomever left the message must left the rat chamber some time ago, but his message remains as a warning to those who might approach the portal to the room.

The members of the Circle of Valor travel through the halls until they come to a room with inky black water covering the floor. Corthen makes plans to enter the water. He ties a rope around his waist and he hands it off to the other warriors of the group. He wades out into the inky water that rises to his chest. Saedellas casts a sixth sense prayer and has a feeling of danger so he yells to Vilnullas, Nolia, and Uldred to get him out. They yank the rope and pull Corthen off his feet backwards into the water. He sputters and resurfaces and they pull him back out of the water from something under the water just in time. Corthen is now positive that something is lurking in the depths. Erith tells Corthen that he could forsee this result when he tied a rope to himself but he let him get soaked so he might see that a rope in every circumstance may not work as first thought.

The group prepares for battle and everyone enter the room this time rather than sending in a lone scout into danger. Saedellas chants a blessing of Corellon. As they enter the room the adventurers can see a gray stone statue of a web handed figure standing in a niche in the wall. The entire room is lit by an eerie purple glow. A giant fish strikes at Uldred. It swims around and strikes again hitting Corthen. After an intense battle with the giant gar the heroes manage to stab their blades into the gigantic creature and kill it.

Searching the statue, Silvaris and Corthen discover that the stone head is a separate piece. Vilnullas comes over and removes the head, while Silvaris holds his breath hoping he did not miss any traps. Inside the statue are a few rings. Corthen grabs the rings and 3 skeletons emerge from the water. They appear to be some type of mage skeletons because they start the fight by casting magic missiles at the party and the skeletons teleport around the room. Corthen puts on one of the rings and tries to command the undead but nothing happens. Between melee weapons and spells the heroes manage to prevail over these vile things. Corthen presses a knob inside the statue and 2 black poles with black candles rise from the water.

The group decides to return back to the room of skeletal rats so that Tellazar can spend some time pouring over the magically enchanted items recovered from the dungeon. The group returns to the room past the growling door. The group makes camp while Tellazar teleports back to the manor house to replenish his components so he can cast identify spells in the morning. Before he uses the ring to return back to Undermountain he spots the jester grasping a very bloody hand inside the manor house. The jester takes several steps and is swallowed by the shadows. Tellazar searches the floor for him but all he finds is a open window to the street below. Tellazar teleports back to the rat chamber and reports this gruesome tiding to the others and everyone just looks at each other and no one says another word for a very long time.



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