Guardians of the Past

28th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar and Corthen are persistant that the group return to the foyer room and check the other set of doors that exited the room to the south, possibly away from the lich’s lair. The rest of the party agrees to the plan, since they have already defeated the lich’s frontline defenders. Rehs inspects the double doors and gives the all clear. Vilnullas opens the door, only for a brief flash of magical energy to illuminate the elven swordsman. He briefly collapses but regains his feet. Vilnullas learns that the magic of the trap has sapped some of his physical strength.

The party searches the chamber beyond and discovers it is empty except for six statues that rest upon pedastals set into wall alcoves. The six ancient statues stare silently from their perches. The man sized sculptures all wear robes long out of style and bear a wand in hand, except the last statue, he is dressed as a warrior in scale armor and holding a sword. Each statue has a name carved into the base. Ontidaar, Obatar, Onukos, Nimalon, Nokenatel, and Rothindar.

The party carefully studies the statues without touching them. Corthen asks the bard if he knows any of the names. Erith racks his brain for lore relating to any of the names. Eventually he recalls that the name Rothindar was a warrior hero from Neverwinter who lived over 300 winters ago. Rehs inspects the statues for traps or hidden compartments and finds none. When Corthen finally touches the warrior statue of Rothindar, the youthful warrior statue speaks. He asks the following riddle. “What is it that you can keep after giving it to someone else?”

The party first answers with “Hope”. Two Magic Missiles fly out from each wizard statue and strike different party members. The party tries again, and answers with “Love”. Once again magic strikes from the other statues. The group tosses out another half dozen of wrong answers, suffering each time from the missiles. Finally, Corthen guesses “Word”. The elf is surrounded by buzzing lights that soon disappear. The party battered by the magic of the room decides to return to the city and gain some rest. Corthen learns that the magic that buzzed about him seems to have boosted his personal charm and he enjoys this new-found charisma that seems to be making him several new friends in the Yawning Portal who wish to buy him drinks.



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