Guardians of the Past

8th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

The adventurers arrive back at the Roosting Griffon Inn around midafternoon. A rider present at the inn is in the employ of Eremoes Hawkwinter. He states that Lord Hawkwinter is aware of the rescue of Kyrin and he is less than a day’s ride of the inn. The rider departs the inn to inform the noble that his daughter is safe and resting at the Roosting Griffon.

Reni Hild rents the heroes a number of rooms and her staff stays busy carrying heated bathwater for the group and serving them roasted fowl and keeping their mugs filled. After dark, Lord Hawkwinter arrives at the roadhouse. The Waterdhavian noble hugs and kisses him daughter before speaking to the gathered adventurers. He thanks them for rescuing Kyrin. Corthen informs him that they have returned with Baron Agwain as well. He tells Eremoes that it is clear that the nobleman from Secomber had been adversely affected by angry pixies prior to his arrival to the Roosting Griffon days ago. Corthen says that some type of pixie love dust caused the Baron to snatch his daughter and try and take her back to Secomber. Saedellas speaks up and tells Lord Hawkwinter that the party’s divination magics have confirmed the Baron’s tale and that he clearly feels badly for his actions and is here to submit himself to Lord Eremoes.

Nolia goes upstairs and retrieves the Baron from his room. The two nobles speak alone in a private dining room for some time before Eremoes returns to speak with the adventurers. Lord Hawkwinter informs them that he has spoken to Baron Agwain and he has apologized. He says that the Baron is free to go and will be traveling back to Secomber in the morning. Lord Hawkwinter informs the group that several days ago that he received word from a messenger from Earlann. The message stated that there was a death among the noble elves and that the Queen and the ruling council would be in mourning for months to come. Lord Hawkwinter tells the party he is sorry but the trip to the High Forest is canceled until he can get an appointment to meet with the Queen of Earlann again.

The group is disappointed, but the tell Lord Hawkwinter the understand. They make plans to return to Waterdeep in the morning.



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