Guardians of the Past

4th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The group returns to finish searching the long hall where they recovered Whitlowe and fought the Drow priestess and her cadre of guards. Vilnullas finds a parchment lying on the floor that reads, “Watch for tail by falling stair, Follow it to empty air. Around nothing once and then turn back west towards tail again. All side ways spurn turn right to air again. If of life ye are fond. Ye will win the way beyond. Sinister wrong, dexter right, Follow on, to the light.”
The group studies the riddle of the parchment and while doing so the loud booming voice repeats its dire warning once again, “Doom! Doom takes us all!”

The party decides to return to the surface so that Tellazar can study the items taken from the Drow and learn their powers. The group encounters a small band of goblins on their return trip to the well chamber, but they flee when they see the well armed band moving towards them in the halls. Uldred bangs on the shields to get a rope lowered from the taproom 140’ above. The group pays their coins to Durnan and walks back to Silvaris’ mansion in the North Ward.

Once everyone has gotten out of armor and made their way to the kitchen for a meal, Cortonas tells his friends he has some news. He tells his companions that he plans on retiring from the life of an adventurer. He tells them that he has had too many brushes with death and he believes that he would be happier working around people than being pursued by undead and becoming one. Cortonas shares that he was offered a job in a pawnshop during the search for the Moonstar heirlooms. The rogue pulls out his enchanted boots that allow him to move quietly and presents them to Silvaris. Cortonas tells his friend that he no longer has a need for them since he will be appraising bracelets and jeweled daggers for a living. Silvaris thanks his friend for the gift and tells him that he will miss his help when it comes to disabling those deadly traps. The group’s meal turns into a small party with ale and wine flowing the rest of the evening until even Uldred stumbled off to bed before dawn.



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