Guardians of the Past

29th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

During the wee hours of the night, Ayremyr wakes up and sees a shadowy figure in Nybod’s room. The figure resembles the painting in the room of the Captain. He is dressed is dark robes and has a bushy dark beard that hangs long and he wields a curved glowing dagger in his hand. The elven warrior calls out to the shade. The figure moves quickly to the wardrobe and throws its doors open before running through the glowing green portal hidden inside the wooden wardrobe.

Ayremyr quickly wakens Corthen and the two gather their companions from their chambers. The group quickly dons armor and weapons before walking into the magical wardrobe. The adventuring party finds themselves in a dark low ceilinged room. A large pool of water dominates the center of the room. A cage holding a human recently stripped of flesh dangles over the water. As the group attempts to bypass the pool, a muscular figure charges out of the darkness and attempts to batter Rehs and throw him into the pool. The heroes attack the shirtless man and make quick work of the armorless warrior.

The far wall contains eleven doors. All have locks except the center door. The party can hear chanting on the other side of the door. Rehs inspects the door and gives the all clear. The Guardians of the Past rush into some sort of temple. Statues of fish-like creatures stand along the walls. Behind an altar a black robed human stands holding a glowing dagger while a group of robed men band their heads against the floor in a frenzied chant. The dark priest speaks aloud a prayer and Erith suddenly stops and begins running for the exit. The others engage the dark cultists and during the melee Ayremyr’s sword errantly strikes the bard during his flight causing him to collapse with a serious wound to the chest. The party battles the evil men of the shrine. The fight is over after Corthen, Rehs, and Tellazar slay the bald priest with a shark tattoo on his scalp.

Samira tends to Erith and she is able to staunch the bleeding and heal most of his wounds. Corthen loots the room and finds a fake beard on the dead priest. He guesses that the dead man is the one who Ayremyr saw in Nybod’s room less than an hour ago. Ayremyr, Samira, and Corthen go up a staircase and through a door and find themselves in a seedy tavern full of rough looking sailors. Not feeling safe with only half of the group present, they retreat back to the underground temple. Erith informs the party that the dagger the priest held is called the “Leviathan Dagger”. He says he had heard old tales telling of the blade and its magical powers tied to sea. He says that the bearer is to be feared by denizens of the deep.

The party retreats back through the glowing portal and to Nybod’s room. Corthen is sad because he desired to learn what city the cult temple was located in. Shortly after the group returns, the portal closes. The party decides to rest in the room with watches, in case more cultists return to attack from the other side of the portal.



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