Guardians of the Past

9th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The group resumes adventuring in Undermountain after a night of rest. Searching near the Drow Temple they come to a room with a couple of chests and two hairy guards that the party believes may be gnolls. The group tries to talk with the duo, but no one speaks their tongue. One of furry creatures reaches for a set of keys at his neck and throws them to Silvaris. They both slowly slide along the side wall to another passage out of the room where they exit the room leaving the party to the chests. Silvaris checks the strongboxes and detects no traps. He opens them both to find a nice haul of silver and gold coins.

The Circle of Valor travels a passage until the come to an old rusted, but massive porticullis. Someone has bent the bars enough to allow passage through the gate. The party cautiously goes through the gate. Corthen searches the area nearby and finds a secret door. Behind the door is a rancid odor. In the far corner is a woman shackled to the wall. She screams. Corthen tells her to be at ease that they will help her. She begins to cry hysterically. Corthen tries his best to persuade her that they mean no harm. Her name is Aideneth. She came from Baldurs Gate with a merchant just a month ago. She tells Corthen she was taken from a party held at a nobleman’s villa by two ugly smelly men about two days ago.

Vilnullas’ sword, the Flame of the North silently tells him, “Strike, strike, strike.” This creates some controversy as some of the party feel that the woman is no threat and deserves to be freed from this hideous cell, while others err on the side of caution and do not wish to free someone who may be more than she appears. Corthen convinces the group to free her despite the warnings of the sword. He gives her some money to pay Durnan as well buy herself some food and lodging in the city above. Corthen gives her directions to the well chamber and they send her on her way.

After Aideneth leaves the cell, the party moves down a nearby passage and see an old woman’s ghost. Corthen is fairly confident that the ghost is what was triggering the sword’s reaction and not the young woman. Down a hall are two doors; one on either side of the hall. Both are covered in black runes that are hard to read and comprehend. The heroes get the doors open and go inside. All of the spell casters forgot a spell they have prepared for the day due to some magic of the door. There is a charred corpse holding a spell book and a charred staff in the room. Saedellas grabs the staff and book and then they head across the hall to the other room.

This room is bare except for some dark cloth. As the party enters, a bright glowing pink bat starts circling Corthen. He immediately attacks the bat killing it with his swords. Tellazar studies the bat and informs him that slew a harmless bat with faerie fire illuminating it.
Silvaris finds a stone door painted black that is already open. Corthen enters the darkness and is teleported away. His comrades follow suit hoping for the best.

The group arrives in a corridor that opens into a massive chamber with a sarcophagus. The sarcophagus has a knight and sword carves into the lid. The knight’s sword bears engravings. Vilnullas, Corthen, Nolia, and Uldred push the lid off and see a skeleton with a glowing scimitar. The scimitar disappears and is replaced by six flying knives which attack the members of the party. One of the knives strikes Vilnullas and his mermaid engraved plate armor which rusts from the dagger’s magic and the rusty bits falls off him. The heroes destroy all of the remaining knives and the sarcophagus lid splits apart and a skeleton with fiery eyes and translucent armor emerges wielding a scimitar. The adventuring band sends this creature back to the grave. The group scours the room for treasures making sure to grab the scimitar they just battled for. The party returns to he Yawning Portal. There they ask about Aideneth and learn she paid her exit fee and quickly left the inn. Vilnullas goes to the armorer and buys another suit of armor.



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