Guardians of the Past

13th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

There is an earthquake late at night and an aftershock. The party is unharmed but there is damage visible on the streets. A nearby shop in the North Ward has collapsed and there are individuals trapped from the partial collapse. Vilnullas and Uldred begin digging the people out. The rescued are all dwarves. They are Dervin Stonecarver and his two sons Dalhros and Fefren. They had been hired to make needed repairs to the structure a month ago. They were staying in the building when it crumbled in the earthquake. Dervin gives Vilnullas an amulet of his clan with a crossed pick and hammer over a mountain on it. He says if Vilnullas has need of help from a dwarf in the city he should display it and give his name. Corthen helps others in the North Ward. He rescues a man from a burning apartment above a bakery.



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