Guardians of the Past

20th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party has been on board the Catahara for three days. Captain Muham has been nothing but charming to the adventurers. He has given up trying to speak to Samira. She has no use for Calishite men due to her horrible childhood.

During the previous evening, after speaking to one of his lookouts, Muham turned his ship sharply to starboard and noted that a trailing vessel followed suit. Now at dawn, lookouts report that the Catahara is being trailed by three vessels.

Corthen and Tellazar approach the Calishite Captain and ask him what is going on. He tells the duo that he suspects pirates and he is trying to outrun their ships. Knowing they are approaching their destination, the elven warrior asks Muham how this impacts their dropoff. The Calishite tells them that he is willing to give them one skiff and he will race off again as soon as their small boat is in the water. Tellazar promises to assist the ship with some his magic.

Three hours later, the Catahara a mile from the coast of Gwynneth rounds a point and drops a skiff into the waters. The heroes jump aboard the rowboat. Tellazar casts a Mist Magic spell that begins to spread across the surface of the water. The merchant vessel pulls away and engages full sails. The heroes pull hard on the oars and before they have landed they see three ships further out to sea moving past their location and after the Calishite vessel.

Erith, Ayremyr, and Uldred pull the small boat up onto the pebble beach. Samira keeps an eye out for returning ships in case the three ships were actually seeking out the party. She has Call Lightning ready to recite should she need it.

The party moves inland after hiding the rowboat above the high tide mark in some scraggly shrubs and thorns. The party marches inland and up the steep coast of the region. Rehs finds a trail that weaves its way up to rugged terrain. Above them Corthen spots a stone cottage. He decides to approach the simple home by himself and knocks on the door. An ancient voice yells, “Go away!” Corthen tries again and tells the resident he is trying to find Dultann. The elderly woman once again yells, “Llewyrr, go away! I’ll not fall for your tricks!” Realizing he is not going to learn anything he walks away to rejoin the others.

The group continues inland seeking some sort of village to get their bearing but find only wild, rugged highlands. As dark settles, the party makes camp and begins to cook an evening meal. As they begin to dig in, a voice calls out from the darkness. “Well met, travelers! Might I come forward in peace and share some of my food in exchange for a spot near your fire?” Corthen tells the man to come forth so that they might see him. A middle-aged human with curly hair comes forward with his hands out, palms visible. He states, “My name is Dorgan the Tinker. I am traveling and I come with peace in my heart.” The group introduces themselves and Dorgan is happy to share his fresh sausages and hen eggs with the group. Samira asks the tinker where he is headed and he informs her he is bound for Dultann and Corvu after that.

Corthen asks Dorgan if he will lead them to Dultann as that is where they are heading. The man agrees to help. The conversation later turns to his wares which he shows them his pewterware. Most of the party purchase a single set of his work for when they are in the wilds. The party sets watches and nothing disturbs the party during the night.



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