Guardians of the Past

3rd of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party wanders down new unexplored passages until they come to a wooden door plated with bronze. The plating is etched with a ring of naked swords surrounding a crown. Vilnullas opens the door to a room reeking of death. The corpse of a monster lies huddled near the door. It has the body of a large lion with bat-like wings and a long tail with a few spikes still intact. The creature has been hacked to death, and its head, like that of a large human, has been removed from the corpse and lies nearby.

A search of the area by the party reveals that the dead beast lies atop a canvas sack. In an effort to recover it, Corthen, Uldred, Vilnullas, and Samira grab the dead beast and try to move it to get to the sack underneath. During the effort, Samira is accidently infected by rot grubs that have entered her arms. Quickly Corthen pulls his flaming sword and burns the infected areas, destroying the rot grubs before she is killed by their burrowing. Uldred heals all of her wounds, then the party checks out the canvas bag. Rehs checks the sack and discovers that it contains a broken lantern and a rotting wheel of cheese that has had the broken glass of the lantern driven into it. He dumps the contents out and a single copper coin bounces and rolls out from the mess.

Turning a corner past the dead monster, the party comes to a faintly lit throne room. Twelve suits of armor line the side walls of the chamber and broad steps at the south end of the room lead up to a battered throne. The party splits up, several members move up to the throne, while the rest stay back ready to move forward or back if needed. Rehs begins a search of the stone seat and the suits of armor suddenly activate moving into battle against the party. The empty suits of armor are very tough. The party tries to defeat them, but Vilnullas and the others are being battered and are losing the battle. Uldred blows his horn of Dwarven Valhalla, which summons the spirits of fallen dwarven warriors who charge into battle against the animated suits of full plate. Seeing that they will most likely perish if they stay to fight, even Corthen agrees to flee certain death. Tellazar grabs ahold of Rehs and uses his ring to teleport away. Samira casts a spell that makes the remaining members etheral and they quickly run away from the armored guardians of the throne.



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