Guardians of the Past

27th of Tarsakh 1366 Year of the Staff

Samira prays for healing on Ayremyr’s broken leg. Mystra grants her the power to repair the break and heal the other wounds of the party. Tellazar is busy poring over the items looted from the dead Calishite wizardress who led the pirates aboard the Ghost Ship. He focuses his attention on a small ivory carved chest that the mage carried around her neck. He learns the command word and large chest suddenly appears from thin air. The mage carefully opens the large ivory box and discovers the Calishite mage’s spellbooks, a number of spell scrolls, and a large number of healing draughts.

Corthen and Captain Veldyrina examine the pirate treasure confiscated from the dead cutthroats. The both come to the conclusion that the haul is valued above 130,000 pieces of gold. Corthen speaks to his companions and they agree to give Veldyrina the coins from the hoard. They will keep the art objects, gems, and other various items to sell at a later date.

Veldyrina gives her crew each a share of the treasure that she got from the party. An impromptu party breaks out as the crew celebrates and thanks the Captain. Food and drink are brought out onto the main deck. The crew of humans and half-elves begin singing and dancing and soon Erith joins in with his harp. Samira attempts to play her instrument, but once again she can only play an ancient funeral dirge. She proceeds to cast a Remove Curse upon herself, and then she is able play other music. Ayremyr begins flirting with Jessandra Blossom, the youngest sister of the three siblings aboard. He is soon dancing with her and having a good time.



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