Guardians of the Past

18th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Samira spent the two previous days casting Cure Disease spells. Today the party gathers at the Yawning Portal with their new warrior eagerly awaiting his first exploration into the greatest dungeon in Faerun.

The party heads north from the well seeking out passages near the wereboar lair. Here the Guardians of the Past encounter two wraiths moving down a passage towards them. The heroes triumph over the undying. Corthen leads his friends down the hall from whence the two wraith beings came. In a cross hall the party discovers a chasm 5’ wide and descending over 25’ down in broken pinnacles of jagged rock.

Ayremyr spots the broken remains of a skeleton lying down deep in the opening below. He can see some type of pendant lying atop the skull. Samira tries to use her ring of telekinesis to remove it but the pendant is on a chain around the neck of the deceased occupant of the pit. Rehs clears his throat and asks for room to be allowed to room to climb down. The thief scrambles down the rocks to bottom of the fissure in the stone. He retrieves the brass pendant. Rehs spots a skeletal hand clutching a wand and moves to pick up the treasure. He freaks out when the bony hand fights back after he grabs the item. The thief is in worse shape when over a dozen animated hands swarm him and his friends above. During the battle, the rogue is disemboweled by the attacking bony hands. The party fights back and finally destroys the crawling claws. Samira is lowered by rope and uses a Repair Injury prayer on the dying thief. She casts several healing spells before Rehs is well again.

The party searches a nearby room only discover it is being used as a makeshift latrine. The party quickly moves to another chamber that is full of refuse. Corthen, always the curious one to poke around in the nasty and smelliest rooms, lives up to past exploits by digging into the dungeon garbage. He is rewarded for his efforts by being grabbed by several tentacles that choke him before one of the spellcasters uses a dominating mind spell to free the elf from the Neo-otyugh. After the others question the spell-bound creature and learn that it was only defending its territory, the treasure hunter executes the trash monster with his blades while it is still disabled. His hours long dig through the dead beast’s smelly lair of broken pottery, piles of dung, broken armor, rusted chains, and rotting pieces of wood finds only a usable flail and nothing else.

The party urges Corthen to wash and recuperate from his wounds from the Neo-otyugh. The group marches across the dungeon only encountering a group of rats who flee at their approach. The party sets up camp at the Fountain of Wisdom. During the first watch the party hears the tolling of a loud bell from below and the shaking of the room that follows. Nothing else occurs during the rest of the night.



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