Guardians of the Past

27th of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

After waiting nearly a day at the fountain room there is no sign of the missing members. A loud bell begins to toll possibly from deeper in the ground. It vibrates and shakes the room. Corthen urges the party to return to the city to search for signs of the missing men. The party navigates the passages safely and returns to the Yawning Portal.

Corthen asks Durnan if he has seen Erith or Tellazar in the last day. He tells the group that he has not seen them since they descended the well with the rest of the group early yesterday morning. Durnan tells the Guardians of the Past that they heard bells ringing from the entry well and the building shook from the vibrations. This news seems to concern the adventurers who wonder over what might have caused such an event.

The group walks to the South Ward and Samira uses her crystal ball to try and locate the teleported duo. She spies Tellazar lying on a bed studying over his spell tome while Erith sits at a table with his bare feet propped up having a bite to eat. Corthen urges the party to use the enchanted mirror to go to where they two are. After reuniting, Tellazar explains they are far from Waterdeep in Hlintar and were transported to this Temple of Chauntea. They met with Growthmaster Gosmani Hagaris who serves as the senior priest and he was kind enough to allow them to stay in a dormitory room while they awaited rescue. Tellazar leaves a note for the Growthmaster as well as another donation for his kindness. The group travels back through the mirror’s gate and close it behind them.



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