Guardians of the Past

23rd of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

The party travels back to the crypt room where Samira casts a remove curse on Corthen. He puts the sword back into the coffin with the original owner and the party seals it with the lid. Samira uses chalk to write cursed sword on the coffin lid in common.

The group expands its search for the drow to the West of the Spider Idol. Walking through a hallway the party members swear they can hear someone calling to them softly from an open archway nearby. Curious or compelled, they give in and enter the darkened room to come face to face with an insubstantial man dressed in ancient armor and carrying an ancient blade. Most of the party cannot face this undead warrior leaving Rehs Wrenwater and Tellazar Hemzall alone with the ghost-like figure. The two adventurers decide to hasten a retreat as well when the ghost warrior charges towards them. They run but not before the undead man drains some of Rehs’ life force from his body. The party hastily retreats and decides to exit the dungeon and return to the city to rest and nurse their wounds.

Rehs travels to the House of Inspired Hands, the local temple to Gond. He asks the priests if they can aid him since he was attacked by the undead ghostly warrior in Halaster’s Halls. The lesser priests discuss with Rehs about worshipping at the temple. They agree to help him for two large jacinths given by Corthen to cover the cost of the restoration prayers. The priest Hamol gives Rehs a brass holy symbol so that he can pray to Gond.

Samira travels to the shops where she had commissioned a holy water font and wooden cabinet. She picked them up and took them home. Meanwhile, Corthen traveled to the plinth and located the shrine to Sehanine Moonbow. He spoke to the elven priestess about healing his missing finger. She regretfully told him that she cannot channel the Goddess’s power for such a task. Corthen then approached the clergy of Tymora for aid. They agreed to help him for three large jacinths, since the Guardians of the Past helped with the Finders of Luck.



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