Guardians of the Past

27th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Uldred and Ayremyr walk to the White Bull Tavern after another day spent in training. They share a meal and several mugs of ale when smoke begins to waft in the chamber. The locals rush out of the burning building to find the cause of the fire. Sixteen toughs have deliberately set the White Bull Tavern ablaze and wait in the street with weapons drawn to take out the dwarf and elf.

Acting quickly, Uldred dons his helmet and activates on the gems upon it. The gem shoots a Prismatic Spray out in a multicolored blast of lights. As the rays find their targets the hired goons are turned to stone, blasted by fire and acid, turned insane, and banished to another plane of existence. Only one of the toughs escapes unscathed, and he flees as fast as he can.

The tavern is a total loss. It is consumed by the flames as the local Ffolk fight to keep the fire from spreading to other structures nearby. Ayremyr and Uldred assist the people of Aithelar battle the fires before they are stamped out. The duo return to Aithe Keep and inform their friends of the events of the evening.



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