Guardians of the Past

16th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party rides all day in an effort to make it out of the forest before nightfall. The riders do manage to leave the Wild Wood before night fully comes. In the distance the heroes can make out fires burning in one of the villages near the edge of the forest. Leaving several horses for Lord Cauldyth’s party the heroes depart.

The heroes ride into the small farming village to find it sacked with dead lying around the road and near some of the burning barns and cottages. Coming through the smoke the party sees a group of humans. Realizing something is wrong, they observe the stiff gait of the humans and realize they are no more than reanimated dead. The party puts down the zombies and moves out of the village.

Several miles from the zombie encounter the party hears ragged screams and ride their tired horses forward to those needing aid. The Guardians of the Past crest a hill and see three figures running towards them being pursued by snapping wolves. The man, woman, and boy look exhausted as they try to outrun the worgs chasing them. Suddenly the boy is snatched by a worg by the neck and killed. The angry heroes attack the creatures and kill the lot of the worgs, saving the remaining farm folk.

Speaking to the man and woman and binding their wounds, Corthen apologizes for their loss. Staring blankly at the elf, he asks what he speaks of. Corthen tells him that he is sorry that he was unable to save his son from the beasts. Velis informs the group that they are mistaken. He says that Talen was the son of Randran Oakshalt. The woman, Charina, says that she was neighbors to Talen and saw his father killed by several worgs being frenzied by dead flying bats.

Samira asks where the attack took place. Velis points to the north and says that the village is Sparwood. Uldred and Erith give up their mounts and tell the two survivors to ride to Aithelar for safety. The group marches north towards Sparwood. The party reaches the village to find only the remains of twenty dead villagers scattered among the dead livestock, all killed by worgs. The group sets to interring the dead in the cemetery when a familiar figure steps out of the darkness near the burial plot. It is the Harper wizard, Mairae Ulzander o’ the Winters.

She informs the party that her companions are seeing Rhiannon Cauldyth, Zyla, and the Chauntean priests back to Aithe safely. She says that a messenger arrived in Aithelar yesterday morning from the High King asking for aid from the Lord of Aithe to move north with half his troops. Mairae said that she informed the Lord of Aithe and rode off immediately for Aithe Keep. Corthen tells Mairae that they defeated the priests of the Dark Grove in the Wild Wood, although one of the Cyricists did escape. Corthen suggests that the group should join Lord Cauldyth if they are needed. The harper shakes her head no and tells him that she and her friends recently learned that something important to the Dark Druidess is getting ready to happen near Dultann on Gwynneth. Corthen asks her if she wants the party to travel across the water to Dultann and the woman says that is what is needed. The party thanks her and say their goodbyes as they make their way to Aithelar.



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