Guardians of the Past

10th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

In the morning the party discovers a large cave off of one of the trails. The large cave is empty but for a firepit filled with ashes and a few old boot prints left in the mud. Lord Cauldyth examines the prints and says that the prints are smaller than those seen previously and that they are about four days old.

In the afternoon the group comes to a intersection of trails. Checking the earth, the Lord of Aithe believes the southern trail has been recently traveled but someone has obscured the trail except for some boar prints that are fresh. The group travels the south trail until dusk.

The party comes to a barren, rocky hill rising up among the trees. The hilltop is covered with sparse clumps of grass, banks of moss, wildflowers; and a few saplings. sitting atop the rocky rise is an old, half-ruined cabin. Lord Cauldyth looks at the structure and declares that it is an old wayhouse. He says that during his youth, rangers still protected the Dernall Forest and that they built cabins in the woods for travelers to rest at when needed.

Corthen and his friends discuss checking out the building and the lord and his daughter agree that a campsite is needed. Rehs approaches the wooden hut and checks the old door for traps. Finding none, the Harper rogue enters and inspects the inside for hidden dangers with Uldred and Corthen waiting nearby. Rehs calls the party inside. He points to the hearth where old bloodstains, human bones, and rusted weapons lie. In a corner of the hut, someone has dug a pit into the earth and stones. A human skeleton lies in it, atop a wooden crate. The crate is mostly buried under loose earth but the adventurers can see coins and several large, gleaming gems.

Rehs checks the pit, before climbing down and unearthing the buried treasure. Rehs collects the gems and coins before moving the crate. Further down, he discovers a jumble of recently buried human bones, armor, belts, several bright daggers, and a silver horn. Recognizing his horn, Uldred claims his dwarven horn and closer examination reveals that Erith’s enchanted dagger was buried in the pit as well. Having recovered some of the missing wererat loot, the party is happy but wishing they had found it all.

The group eats, cleans up the wayhouse to put down their bedrolls and the first watch. Later in the night, Ayremyr is on watch with Uldred and Erith when he hears someone calling his name quietly from outside the hut. Saying he checking on the horses, the elven warrior steps out and looks for the night caller. Near the edge of the hill, Ayremyr spots Lord Cauldyth’s eldest daughter, Brwynella dressed in a white gown. She whispers that someone in his party is betraying the group to the enemy and motions him to follow her and he complies. Finally away from the other heroes, Ayremyr asks the young wizardress who it is that she spoke of. The young woman whirls and attacks him. Caught off guard the elven warrior finally pulls his blades and tries to defend himself. He screams for help as he realizes he has walked into a trap.

Hearing his shouts, Erith and Uldred wake the others. As the group prepares to rush to their comrade, a smashing tentacle erupts from the hearth and from one of the cabin walls. Unprepared and unarmored, the group battles back against the attacks best they can. At one point, Uldred is hit and stuck fast to the hearth. It dawns on the heroes that they are under attack by a group of mimics masquerading as parts of the wooden hut. The group stabs and blasts at the creatures finally defeating them in battle.

By the time the party reaches Ayremyr they find him in battle with another Ayremyr. Both figures beg for aid against the other Ayremyr. The party tries speaking to the two elves but both answer questions and Corthen is stymied. Rehs thinking fast pulls out Muragh and asks the skull what he can see. The former priest of Lathander informs the party that one creature is a gray skinned creature with large eyes. The heroes charge forth and with several blows kill the doppleganger that had lured Ayremyr almost to his doom. On its corpse the party find Rehs elven cloak which he takes back.



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