Guardians of the Past

10th of Tarsakh 1366 Year of the Staff

The party has traveled the four days from Lielon to Neverwinter to visit Nolia. Corthen inquires about the house that the heroes found a deed for during their adventures in Undermountain. Nolia informs Corthen Nightglade that the home in question is occupied by Hunzar Bronzekettle and his family. The deed the party found in the dungeon beneath Waterdeep had been missing since his grandfather had lived in the home. Nolia tells her friends that she turned the deed over to Hunzar and told him to keep it safe.

Nolia shows her friends around the small embassy of the Ellar Protectorate. She shares that her job is mostly involving diplomacy, dinner parties, trade negotiations, meetings, and writing messages for the ruling council. Everyone can see that she is doing well although it is apparent that she misses her paramour Pelordan.

Corthen fills Nolia in on all of the exploits and events she has missed. The group has a nice dinner at the embassy before retiring for the night. Corthen tells Nolia that they will be leaving in the morning traveling back to Waterdeep to inform Lord Piergeiron of the findings regarding Mucklejon the Jester.



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