Guardians of the Past

6th of Tarsakh 1366 Year of the Staff

The party travels to the tower of the Sage Urloch the Clever. Escorted inside the party meets with the historian. Corthen asks him if he was able to complete the research on the Jester of the Maiden King. Urloch answers, “Of course. I need the remainder of my payment and then I impart my findings to you.” The party pays Urloch and he pulls out a scroll and hands it over. The party returns to the Flask and Flute before Tellazar pulls out the sage’s scroll and reads it aloud.

“In the Year 733, King Clarbern Bloodhand and the Princes Forrio and Vergaer were killed. This left Bloodhand Keep to the surviving offspring of King Clarbern, his daughter Raulbeara. Faced with continued war with Felgrim and now orcs under the Blacktongue Banner the newly crowned Raulbaera, the Maiden King, a descendant of Ulbaerag Bloodhand, claimed the lands near present-day Amphail and established a settlement there, which she named Rowan Hold.

During my research I uncovered a scroll that detailed the death of the Maiden King’s father and brothers. The unknown writer says that two princes died after eating a poisoned meal and that King Clarbern Bloodhand died in his tent during a campaign against the Kingdom of Felgrim less than a month after his sons were murdered.

I also have in my collection a portion of diary from Eghnal the Ravenheart, Castellan of Rowan Hold. In it, Eghnal revealed that the fool in service to both King Clarbern and the Maiden King, one Mucklejon, was hanged for murdering the old king and his two sons. Eghnal wrote that the fool confessed to Raulbaera the Maiden King when he declared his love for her. He confessed to strangling her father and to poisoning her brothers so that she could rule the throne and that they could be together. The shocked Maiden King told him that she had never loved him and that she was shocked at betrayal to her family and had him arrested. The fool Mucklejon told the hangman that they could kill him but his pact with the black sorcerer of Felgrim would be a brief pause and he would be back to claim his love from Rowan Hold. Tragically, the Maiden King fell in battle less than a year later and her kingdom fell less than two years after that to its enemies."



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