Guardians of the Past

The six members of the Guardians of the Past enter the Dripping Dagger Inn together. They are greeted warmly the retired warrior Filiare. He informs the party that the Deep Delvers have already arrived and are waiting in one of the private dining rooms.

The heroes enter the room and see that eight of the nine members of the Deep Delvers have shown up. Bleys Crommor, Regnet Amcathra, Corinna Dezlentyr, Dundald Gost, Shauban Zulpair, Myrnd Gundwynd, Morgunn Lathkule, and Jandar Ilzimmer greet the members of the Guardians of the Past and offer them zzar.

Corthen asks the other party about their seriously wounded friend, Horth Hunabar. Jandar tells the elven warrior that Horth is mending well and should be able to up-armor in a day or two. Tellazar asks for details on the attack. Corinna, the half-elf daughter of Lord Arlos Dezlentyr, shares that the residence was assaulted by someone with arcane powers. They stole some of the enchanted items that were to be sold yesterday. The mysterious attacker sent a giant statue and an army of gargoyles into their abode. She says that Horth saw the creatures go straight to the location of the Halaster’s personal effects only pausing when they were confronted by him and the guardsmen. She says that the guards were no match for the invaders and soon Horth was alone trying to fight them all off. Corinna tells the heroes that she awoke to the sound of the battle and was fortunate to do so. She says she was able to save a dying and disemboweled Horth before he died and the flames began to spread.

Corinna tells the group that she believes the creature that Horth described was possibly a golem. If so, she states whoever attacked the Deep Delvers is a mage of some repute and has a mastery of spells and magic. Corinna points out that when she came downstairs, the one wall was pierced by a passwall spell and she saw the last two gargoyles fly into a glowing blue oval gate of magic outside on the street and then it just winked out of existence. She then found Horth and took him to the temple. She feels that whomever attacked the house had been scrying the Deep Delvers for some time and decided to strike before the sale could go forward.

Corthen speaks and suggests that perhaps Halaster took back his property that the Deep Delvers found. Several of the Delvers shake their heads no in reply and Corinna and Bleys tell the Guardians that the items came directly from the wizard’s corpse right after his death. Corthen looks around at his friends and the assembled noble adventurers before speaking. He asks, “I’m not calling anyone here a liar, but from stories I have heard, Halaster could blast a dozen seasoned groups to dust without sneezing. How is it that you were able to defeat such a powerful spellcaster?”

Regnet looks at his friends before speaking. He tells the Guardians that he and his friends had a chance encounter with a wizard who walked out of wall into their midst deep in the lower levels of the Underhalls. He says that they struck at the ominous looking old man with swords and he tried to cast spells but their swords disrupted his arcane gestures. Regnet says that when they were done, they looked him over and noticed that he had open lesions that indicated a wasting disease. The Delvers stripped the corpse and burned the body. Regnet says that all of the items were purified before they even attempted to examine the items.

Corthen asks Regnet and his friends why they didn’t keep any of the items. He tells the elf that his party did and they still possess it. He says that Halaster would not have left it behind, if he had been behind the attack. In suspense, Corthen and the others look to the Deep Delvers for an answer. Corinna speaks up and says Tellazar once carried an iron ring that allowed him to teleport about Undermountain and break magical barriers but in recent months the ring had come into the possession of Erith who is currently wearing it on his left hand.

Tellazar, Erith, and the others are shocked at Corinna’s knowledge of the Ring of Undermountain. They look at her to see if she is probing their thoughts, but the wizardress merely raises her right hand and displays a black iron ring with two horns, a twin to the ring on Erith’s hand. She says that this is the Ring of Halaster Blackcloak and she can even tell the others that Erith’s ring once belonged to Jhesiyra Kestellharp, one of Halaster’s apprentices. Corinna tells the Guardians of the Past that she can tell who is wearing the ring and where they are at just by concentration. Corthen quickly asks her if she can sense other rings and she states that she can. He asks and she informs him that two apprentices of the Mad Mage, Trobriand and Arcturia are alive and living in Undermountain.

Tellazar asks what items were stolen by the unknown wizard. Regnet says that a spellbook bearing the sigil of Halaster, an alabaster staff, a black cloak, a pair of leather boots, a dagger, a belt pouch, and two wands, one of iron and the other of electrum and platinum. The two parties eventually part ways and the heroes decide to walk over to the Yawning Portal for a drink and tavern gossip.

Shortly after the party arrives at the inn, a detachment of the City Watch enters and asks the party to step out to the street. The party warily agrees and goes peacefully. Once outside, the Watch Amar informs the group that Lord Piergeiron has requested their presence forthwith. The eight members of the City Watch escort the Guardians of the Past to the Palace where they are disarmed and taken before the Open Lord. Once before the paladin and two masked Lords they are questioned about what they know of the “Seven Blazing Swords”. Corthen looks to his companions to see if anyone else knows of who the Lords speak of. He tells them that he and his friends appear to know nothing. One of the masked Lords asks if the party knows of the Deep Delvers. Corthen answers that yes, everyone present knows the noble adventurers. Lord Piergeiron asks if anyone present had anything to do with the attack of the Deep Delvers.

Corthen answers the Open Lord and tells him that no one in his circle of friends had anything to do with the theft, assault, or arson that occurred. Lord Piergeiron asks Corthen if there has been bad blood between himself and the Deep Delvers. Corthen states, “I foolishly insulted those nobles before I truly knew the facts. I fought three champions on the Field of Triumph in the past month because of my temper. Now, there is peace between those same nobles and our party.”

The paladin nods. He accepts the elf’s answer and informs him that other thefts have occurred including the one he mentioned earlier. He says that the “Seven Blazing Swords” rode into Waterdeep a month ago from a successful adventure east of Baldur’s Gate and a week later they were dead and their goods stolen in what was likely a similar attack to the Deep Delvers. The paladin switches gears and informs the party that he wants them to seek out the sage, Urloch the Clever.

The Open Lord states that he is concerned about the evil fool the party released from the Tomb of the Maiden King. He states that Urloch may have useful information on the Jester and he wishes the party to see the sage. Corthen asks about Urloch and where he resides. A masked Lord speaks and tells him that Urloch the Clever is a sage of History and Humankind and he resides in Lielon. The party informs the Lords present that they will learn what they can from the sage and use the information to defeat the Jester. The heroes are excused and they leave the Palace and make plans to ride to Lielon in the morning.



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