Guardians of the Past

4th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The members of the Circle of Valor return to Waterdeep from Amphail. They gather their wealth from Tellazar’s parents home. Everyone agrees that they should not speak of the great wealth in gems they recovered from Undermountain just days ago. Corthen advises that everyone try to remain quiet of their great wealth so as not to bring thieves down on them. They also discuss finding a safe place to keep their gems.

Tellazar says that some moneylenders will provide safe storage for clients. He says that Mirt the Moneylender is said to have a very secure vault. The group hires a carter to transport their chests as they accompany it to the home of Mirt in the SW Dock Ward.

The group speaks to the moneylender named Mirt. He is a fat older man prone to wheezing. He asks the party what they plan to store within his secure vaults, and the party shows Mirt the treasure taken from Undermountain. The merchant agrees to store their gems and he agrees to accept the largest gem as payment.

The group returns to the Dripping Dagger Inn and pay Filiare for 2 months more stay. Corthen inquires if Kazlar has returned by chance. Filiare informs the group that he has not. He does introduce them to 3 adventurers who have recently arrived from the wilds of Tethyr. The Tethyr group is composed of a human, Cortonas Bowhawk of Tethyr; a moon elf, Vilnullas Whitewood from Elventree; and a female half-elf, Nolia Fallas of the High Forest.



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