Guardians of the Past

28th of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

The group gathers the enchanted items to learn their magical properties. Tellazar shares that the ring’s powers are for swimming, and that the spear is only enchanted for combat prowess. The sword Harrikas, has not decided to reveal his powers at this time.

Corthen speaks to Durnan at the Yawning Portal about apologizing to the members of the Deep Delvers. He has Tellazar pen a letter of apology that the elf carries to the Amcathra villa in the North Ward. Erith accompanies Corthen to assist him in his mission. They speak to the elderly Lord Challas Amcathra, father of Regnet, of the Deep Delvers.

Lord Amcathra informs them that Regnet is away on business. He states he and his friends have begun the process to sell some of their treasure find from their explorations. Lord Challas tells Corthen that he once lived the life of an adventurer many years ago, until plague and tavern brawls took the lives of all of his elder brothers. He then had to assume the lordship of his family’s holdings in the city. He tells Corthen that soon he will be stepping down as the ruling head of his family and give the title to his son Arilos, his eldest son. He tells Erith and Corthen that he plans to travel with his wife to see the lands east and visit his youngest son in Shadowdale.

Corthen asks him if his son is Mourngrym, Lord of Shadowdale. The elderly lord confirms this fact. Corthen seems to have a greater respect for the Amcathra name, now that he realizes the leader of Shadowdale is of this same family in Waterdeep.



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