Guardians of the Past

3rd of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes travel to Piergeiron’s Palace to report to the Lords of Waterdeep. Once inside they are stripped of their weapons and enchanted items. They inform one of the palace advisors that they have information for the Lords. The guards place them in a holding room. After waiting an hour two robed Lords enter the chamber. They ask the party what news they have to share. Silvaris tells the Lords that all of the women are dead, sacrificed to the Drow at their temple. The thief says that they did recover Kilmara’s body, but a huge spider appears to have consumed the other two victims. The other Lord asks about the Jester. Corthen speaks up and informs the masked Lords that unfortunately the Jester ambushed him and got away. He tells them he will not rest until the Jester is destroyed. He tells them the group plans to descend again today and hunt for the undead fool.

The party gathers their equipment and walks to the Yawning Portal. They pay Durnan his fee and are lowered back into the depths of Undermountain. The party moves straight to the Drow Temple. There is no activity and the decide to search the areas nearby hoping to find the Jester and Whitlowe’s remains.

Down one passage the group encounters a wall of flames. They study it and try to bypass it but are unsuccessful. Another passage south of the Temple is filled with a familiar black curtain of darkness. Expecting a dangerous gravity well Corthen sticks his 10’ pole into the darkness and black spikes fly out of the blackness. Corthen is hit in the leg by a spike and someone calls him a death magnet because if he does something, all the danger usually is centered on him. The party chooses to leave the curtain of darkness alone.

The group decides to check a passage north of the Drow Temple. They come to a huge chamber with two rows of 26 stone seats on each side of the hall. A loud disembodied voice booms, “Doom, doom takes us all.” Silvaris and Cortonas check the thrones for traps and anything else of interest. The deceased occupants appear to have been looted ages ago. The swordbelts have been cut, and neckchains broken on the dessicated remains. On one of the thrones the rogues discover Whitlowe’s remains and armor. The party takes his remains and gear for reburial.

As they are leaving the hall they run into a band of Drow with a female leader. There are nine of them in all. These are the Drow that Kilmara’s spirit told them about. A pitched battle breaks out. The female Drow uses a short rod that she points at the party and blasts them with. Many of the heroes are knocked down and wounded. Erith manages to cast a grease spell beneath the feet of some of the Drow. The party wins a narrow victory in this battle against these Drow. The heroes search the drow for magic and treasure before traveling to a secure room for some healing and sleep.



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