Guardians of the Past

10th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

Having finished training with weapons masters and praying to their Deities for the last several weeks, the six young friends discuss trying their hand at adventuring and trying to find the room mentioned in Turnoc Redleaf’s cryptic message and scrawled map. The 3 elves, 2 humans and gnome head to the Yawning Portal and pay Durnan the innkeeper to lower them down into the Underhalls. After lighting torches the group moves slowly into the old hallways wary of dangerous traps and bloodthirsty beasts. They search the hallway near the entry well and find a secret door. When Corthen opens it, an empty black suit of armor walks forward and holds out its hand. It is holding a ring with two inward facing horns and a brass key. Corthen takes both from the suit of armor before closing the secret door.

The adventurers move futher into the dungeon and come upon a wall that is marked “Certain death, this way.” Silvaris finds a storage niche concealed in one of the pillars in the chamber and inside he finds three one foot long tapered sticks and a small brass key.

The Circle of Valor enters another room with a glowing suit of chain mail and a glowing long sword. The room is also occupied by three ugly orcs. After a short battle the orcs are dead and the heroes gather up their weapons. Corthen tries out the glowing longsword hanging on the weapons rack and discovers that he can not put it down. He realizes that he may be stuck wielding some type of cursed sword until he can find a method to remove it from his possession.

Silvaris and Whitlowe hear the familiar sounds of combat coming from the west. The group heads that way to investigate. They enter a room with large three statues in the center of the room and a broad sword that speaks when Kazlar picks it up. It begins screaming about thieves. Just then, three creatures charge into the room. One large goblinoid is wearing plate armor and wielding a halberd. The other two goblinoids are in chain mail and are brandishing morning stars. A melee ensues between the party and these creatures.

After a fierce fight, the Circle of Valor emerges victorious but Kazlar, Silvaris, and Corthen are battered and bruised from the encounter. They gather 2 morning stars, a halberd, a suit of plate mail, 2 suits of chain mail, a dagger, a steel vial and a purse containing 8 copper, 13 silver and 7 gold pieces. They discover that inside the vial is a potion of healing.

The three statues have names on carved into them. To the south is Elyndraun, in the middle is Ruathyndar, and the last one is Onthalass. The young adventurers decide to move north and continue to explore. They soon meet an adventuring party of dwarves who identify themselves as the Company of the Black Hammer. They tell the group they have been exploring the passageways to the north of the entry well and have killed the monsters lairing there. Silvarus speaks up and suggests that they retreat back to the well and return to the city for a chance to rest and lick their wounds. The group agrees and exits Undermountain after their first foray.



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