Guardians of the Past

12th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

Leaving the ruined wayhouse in the morning, the party follows a trail exiting the rocky clearing heading southeast. Several hours after leaving the wayhouse, Lord Cauldyth is wounded and his horse is killed by a deadfall tree trap. Corthen inspects the tree and finds it had been chopped through more than halfway through by an axe. He also discovers wires that the dead horse tripped setting off the killing trap. Lord Cauldyth allows Samira to tend some of his wounds before he doubles up with his daughter on her mount.

In the afternoon, Corthen wanders into a hang noose trap and strangles until he manages to cut the invisible wire choking him to death. The trail leads to an ominous open grove in the forest, the trees ringing the clearing grow almost in a palisade wall. Rehs is turned invisible by Erith and he slips off to scout. The party enters the grove and sees undead bats flying towards them and several black robed men standing behind an ominous black stone altar carved like a flaming skull Behind the evil Cyricists are three bronze and wood cages holding three immobile Chauntean priests.

A spell battle erupts and a red lashing spell destroys Ayremyr’s longsword, vaporizing it. Corthen charges into battle after learning no spells are having an affect on one of the priests. The others fight off a swarm of undead bats of large size. Corthen attacks the unholy man and he attacks the elf with a black-purple gauntlet. Corthen’s blade cleaves the priest’s leg at the thigh and he falls. Moments later, the priest reaches up and touches the off guard elf, paralyzing him with his touch!

During the chaos, one of the priests falls and the other drinks a potion and vanishes. Amidst the tumult, the wounded priest also vanishes. Lord Cauldyth and Rhiannon set to freeing the unconscious Chaunteans from captivity. With Samira’s aid, the pull the men free from the cages. Eventually waking up, the priest learn of the recent events. High Harvestmaster Haern inquires about the poor woman who was repeatedly befouled on the black stone altar of Cyric. He is informed that no woman was found. Rehs finally reappears. He tells the party that he was frozen by the touch of a priest who touched him after he snuck up and stabbed another priest in the flank during the opening of the battle.

Corthen uses his wand to search for hidden loot and is directed to the ground behind the cages. He and Rehs soon discover a hidden trapdoor beneath the sod. Lifting the door the party discovers a small warren of tunnels and when they approach, they hear a woman scream and then silence. They are told to leave, or the woman will die. The party tries to rush the cell but the priest kills the paralyzed woman before he is pierced by the blades of half of the party. Only after the Cyric priest is dead and the party looks over him and the woman does Samira realize the dead woman is Zyla Blossom, the missing young woman from the Mermaid Sword!

A search of other chambers reveals sleeping quarters and a dining area. A chest reveals some coins and a haul of moonstones. Samira uses the rod of resurrection to bring Zyla back to life after she has cleaned and dressed the naked woman. The party retreats back into the woods away from the dark grove of Cyric before Uldred and Samira recite prayers of healing for the worst of the wounded, including Rhiannon and Lord Haembar Cauldyth.



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