Guardians of the Past

20th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

The members of the Circle of Valor go back into Undermountain. Entering the Hall of Pillars near the entry well, the party is fired upon. The group rushes the attackers and finds themselves facing 2 kobolds in a hall covered with mirrors. The warriors quickly dispatch the little creatures with their arms. There are 8 mirrors on each side of the passage. As Silvaris carefully searches around he finds a stoppered glass vial inside a metal cage. Near the end of the hall, an exact copy of Whitlowe steps out of one of the mirrors. Silvaris breaks that mirror only to have 2 copies of himself appear from inside the mirrors and attack him. Tellazar puts the 2 false elves to sleep. Further searching, while avoiding the mirrors, reveals another cage and an empty alcove.

The group leaves the hall of mirrors and finds a room with a hole in the floor and they spend way too much time trying to learn its secrets to finally come to the conclusion that it is a jakes. In another room the party searches and finds a table with a jester coin on it. Whitlowe takes a liking to the jester coin and asks if he may keep it.

The band of curious explorers comes across a rippling curtain of utter blackness. After some careful probing the decide to proceed through the darkness and continue exploring. The party comes to another curtain of darkness and Whitlowe steps through before anyone has a chance to check the curtain for danger. Whitlowe the gnome feels an immediate pulling sensation after crossing the darkness. A few seconds later, Whitlowe’s armor comes back to the hallway where his companions are. Inside the mangled and bloody armor are the crushed remains of a very dead Whitlowe. Corthen decides to toss some items through the curtain of darkness. Both trinkets return to the hallway smashed and broken.

The party still in shock gathers Whitlowe’s remains and head back for the exit to Undermountain. The group pays the return fees to Durnan and make plans to bury Whitlowe in the City of the Dead, Waterdeep’s large cemetery. After the services where each member speaks of their fallen comrade the remaining members then head back to the Yawning Portal. Several kind patrons offer free drinks in Whitlowe’s honor.



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