Guardians of the Past

Samira learns that the female halfling and elves who have spent time upstairs with many members of the Guardians of the Past are collectively known as the Halfway Ladies. Contrary to some beliefs held by some members of the party, they are not common coin lasses. They are devout followers of Hanali Celanil, Goddess of Elven Love and Beauty who gain donations for her temple.

The group is met again at the Halfway Inn by Lord Erlan Duirsar. He escorts the party into Evereska under blindfold for a ceremony at the Temple of Corellon. Corthen asks if his human and dwarven companions would ever be allowed to return to Evereska. Lord Duirsar’s answer is that it is a possibility, but there is only one way and it can be discussed later.

Once inside Evereska the party is taken to the temple for the ceremony honoring Glondril Brightspear, the Moon Elf hero who sacrificed himself in battle over 1,000 years ago against an orc horde. After the High Priest gives a speech before the assembled elves at the ceremony, a statue of Glondril is uncovered. The girdle adorns the marble statue and the elves are happy to see the holy artifact returned to their homeland. Many elves politely thank the Guardians for returning the girdle.

Lord Duirsar introduces the Waterdeep based adventurers to Lady Alustriel, a beautiful human woman with flowing silver hair. She tells the group that she has heard good things regarding them from the elves of Evereska as well as a few other people. Lord Duirsar informs the group that Lady Alustriel can help the party if they wish to join an organization she is involved with. He states that her bands of musicians are always welcome in this city. Erith expresses interest in performing with such companions. The group members seem intrigued with this opportunity being offered by the Harpers. Lady Alustriel shares that she will send word to Waterdeep to have friends contact them upon their return.



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