Guardians of the Past

14th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The party leaves the fountain room behind and searches several nearby hallways. The group finds a large room stocked with 4’ high stone bins half full of dried algae, fungus, mushrooms, and water. Rehs spots several eyeless white fish swimming in the water bins. The party interrupts a dozen kobolds who show up to fill baskets with the dungeon food. The kobolds slowly back away down a hallway the party was going to use. Tellazar tries telling the surprised kobolds to leave out another passageway but he is unsuccessful and they retreat out along the party’s intended pathway. Corthen leads the group out another hall into a room where the party discovers the corpse of a hairy goblin creature.

Tellazar directs the party using the map given to them by the Lords of Waterdeep. He succeeds in getting them to a large room on the map. The ornate room is immense; the golden floor shines with the reflected light. Enormous ivory pillars stand supporting a distant ceiling that soars up into darkness. The pillars are elaborately carved, with geometric designs and multiple shapes along their lengths.

Suddenly out of the darkness above a dozen creatures swoop down and attack the mostly surprised party. The creatures have the wings of eagles and the heads and antlers of stags. The beasts are fierce and are wearing the group down when Corthen uses the enchanted helm that he bought from Uldred and blasts the creatures with a Fireball. The party finishes off the surviving beasts with weapons and a few spells.

Corthen finds a secret door in the East wall. The secret door opens onto a chamber containing a massive stone coffin. Its domed lid is carved into the likeness of a female knight in full plate armor laying on her back with her hands folded on the hilt of her sword. The sword is naked laying over her body, tip towards her feet. Her coat of arms on the shield is a pair of crossed swords above a single eye. Samira and the elf warrior remove the heavy stone lid to see a red broadsword laying atop a suit of plate armor. In an instant, the glowing sword and armor vanish only to reappear on the heroes’ flank. The group tangle with the empty suit of armor wielding the sword. Corthen, Rehs, and the others defeat the creature. Tellazar inspects the sword and announces that it is enchanted. Corthen gathers it up for a later identification.

Corthen decides to use his flying shield to check the highest reaches of the pillared chamber. He discovers two caves near the top of the room. Among the bones he discovers a number of daggers, a few pieces of armor, and a few other weapons once carried by the victims of the winged stag creatures. As he is preparing to teleport down to the floor below with his enchanted ring a robed figure suddenly appears before him.

The elf warrior draws back preparing to engage the figure, but it stands motionless. The brown robed figure looks vaguely familiar to Corthen and he finally tries to find out what this mysterious interloper wants. After asking several questions without receiving an answer, he watches as the figure points a skeletal hand at him. Corthen asks a series of questions and the figure points to his hand. The elf finally deduces that the silent figure has appeared because he was getting ready to use his teleport ring. He asks the brown robed figure if it safe to use the ring and silent stranger shakes his head no and then disappears as if he was never present.

The elf pulls off the ring which he now believes may cursed and tosses it to the cave floor in anger. He retrieves a spike and anchors a rope before climbing down from the cave perch. Corthen relates to the others about the mysterious undead that he thinks he has seen before. Tellazar and Erith ask him several questions before everyone concludes that the party encountered this undead creature a year earlier when he appeared in a chamber holding miniature oak tree before walking through a paneled wall.

They decides to make way back to city above. On the return trip the party enters a throned room north of the well. The group leaves the room without spending time in the chamber when Muragh informs them he can see a frozen wyvern inside a bubble near the ceiling.

Traveling through another chamber, the group is charged by eight boars. The battle is intense and the five adventurers stand tough against the creatures, who they learn are were-boars. The party whittles the wereboars down but are wounded and bleeding without the extra blades and spells of Uldred and Vilnullas. A search of the next chamber reveals the rough hide sacks holding the treasure of the dead wereboars. The group takes the treasure and leaves Undermountain by the well to the city above.



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