Guardians of the Past

16th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar cast Identify on the water captured from the fountain. He learns that imbibing its waters increases the wisdom and intelligence of the user. The effects last for a day. The mage also learns that water removed from the chamber loses its magical properties. The party decides to exit the dungeon to do research on the fountain.

Upon exiting the well, the heroes are approached by Lamris Kholl, one of the Tymoran priests who record events and heal adventurers entering and exiting the well. She asks Corthen if she may speak to the group in private. Once the group sits down with the priestess, she shares that she needs the aid of the party. She says that the dead adventurers the party paid to be interred in the City of the Dead were known as the Finders of Luck. Lamris says that they were devout worshippers of Lady Luck and that they hailed from Scornubel. The priestess says that one member, Wergrin has left behind two younger siblings.

The children; Ravgrin, a boy of 12 summers and Tanerra, a girl only 10 have no other family. They had traveled to Waterdeep with the Finders of Luck and had remained behind in the rooming house rented by the deceased adventurers.

The young priestess says that according to Tanerra, the Finders of Luck did not return by the agreed upon date and the money for the two children was gone. The landlord of the rooming house let them stay 3 days past the tenday the rooms were rented, but then asked the children to leave when none of the men returned to pay for the rooms again.

On the streets, the children wandered the city during the day for food and they always returned the Dock Ward alley near the rooming house so they could await their brother. Two nights ago, Ravgrin left the alley to buy some bread with coins he had begged for during the day. Tanerra stayed behind in a crate in the alley. While she was sleeping a black carriage passed her in the alley awaking her and then it stopped further down the block. Tanerra says she heard talking. She then heard her brother shout, and then the carriage abruptly left the area.

Tanerra found a loaf of bread lying in the alley where the black carriage had stopped. Of Ravgrin, there was no sign. Yesterday, the crying girl wandered into the Yawning Portal asking for her oldest brother and his friends. She told the gnome, Gnossos Valmar the Gambler who frequents the taproom about her missing brother, Ravgrin, and the black carriage. He informed the City Watch, but Ravgrin has not been found and one Watch Commander said the boy is probably lost or has taken a job and will turn up eventually.

The priestess relates that the girl, Tanerra is safe and being looked after right now by the gnome. She looks to the party and asks, “Will you use your resources to help a poor child who is missing?” Rehs, Corthen, and the others quickly confer and give the priestess their answer. Yes, they will help.

The party splits up, Tellazar, Vilnullas, and Uldred ask that the young girl be brought to Corthen’s manor house in the North Ward. The others ask for directions to the rooming house that the children last stayed at so they may search the area for the boy and clues of his disappearance.

Gnossos brings Tanerra to the manor house. Tellazar brings the girl into the room where he sits her down in fromt of the mirror. He asks her tell him everything about what happened that night while looking into the mirror. As the child recounts the tale, the mage sees everything that happened in the magical mirror from Tanerra’s vantage inside the crate in the alley. Tellazar tries to scry Ravgrin with the mirror but he gets nothing!

Nolia, Rehs, and Erith speak to Baram, the owner of the boarding house in the Dock Ward. The beefy man tells the party that although he felt bad for the two children, he needed paying tenants to keep himself from becoming destitute. He says that he saw the children loitering in the alley behind Turnstone Plumbing once.

Corthen speaks to the plumber whose shop the children spent time behind his shop. He tells him there is a reward for the boy’s safe return. He tells the plumber to contact the Tymoran priests at the Yawning Portal. Samira encounters some teens gambling in a nearby alley. They stop throwing dice and give her dirty looks. She informs them she is looking for a boy named Ravgrin who is missing. She asks them if they know anything. The surly teens shrug and give no answers until she hands each boy two silvers for information. One of the boys named Goose says that people disappear all the time. He says they are usually newcomers to the city or those without families. Samira tells the boys she is looking for a black carriage that travels the Dock Ward alleys at night that was seen when he vanished. She tells the boys if they learn of anything, they can come to the Yawning Portal to get paid for good information.

The three heroes leave the boarding house and rejoin Samira and Corthen on the street outside. Rehs excuses himself and tells the others he is going to check in with a friend who operates in the area. The rogue goes to speak with Vachon, a half-elf retired adventuring thief who recently trained Rehs in his profession. Rehs asks his tutor if he has heard anything about anyone kidnapping young boys in the Dock Ward. The rogue who runs a small festhall known as the Sea Nymph tells Rehs that he should try the Thirsty Throat and ask for Tikillias.

Rehs, Nolia, Erith, Corthen, and Samira go to the rundown ruin that is the Thirsty Throat Tavern. A monstrously fat and ugly barkeep just looks at the group as they enter. Corthen nudges Rehs to go over and ask for his contact. The rogue approaches the toad-like barman who sits wiping a mug with a dirty rag. He asks for Tikillias. The man just looks at him stupidly until Rehs pulls out five gold coins and places them down on the scarred wooden bar. Twofists the barkeep scoops the coins and grunts, “Upstairs, first door.”, then he returns to his dirty mug.

The group climbs the stairs and knocks on the door before entering. Corthen remembers the seated elf from the Moonstar theft investigation. Rehs tells the information broker that Vachon has sent him. He asks if he has heard anything about a young boy being kidnapped from the Dock Ward. He sets a handful of gold down before the elven thief. Tikillias laughs. He says that people disappear all the time, especially from the poorest parts of the city. He says rumors abound about murders, sacrifices to dark gods, and slavery but no one has any facts. He picks up two gold coins and slides the rest back to Rehs.

The entire party regroups at the manor house that Corthen purchased from Silvaris. Tellazar informs everyone that no scrying can be performed on Ravgrin. He says that magic must be involved. The others share that people are vanishing from the Dock Ward and rumors suggest fell purposes. The group makes a plan to try and bait the people behind the kidnappings. Rehs will dress up like a beggar and try to entice someone to take him with the rest of the party waiting to jump out if anyone tries to snatch him.

Uldred agrees to keep an eye and ear open at the Yawning Portal for word of the missing boy. Tellazar remains at the mirror to scry Rehs. The rest of the party returns to the Dock Ward to lay the trap they have planned with Rehs as the bait.

Corthen speaks to a teamster moving a wagonload of furniture. The teamster, Ferben Greymist, says that while he has been working he has seen a black carriage with one horse, driven by a man dressed in black, four or five times late at night during the last six months. He once saw it leaving the Castle Ward and returning to the Dock Ward. Corthen thanks Ferben and lets him return to his labor.

While Rehs sits out begging for coppers with his friends watching him from nearby alleys, Uldred sits nursing an ale at the Yawning Portal. He is approached by four humans and a dwarf. They ask the dwarven priest if they may buy him a drink. Uldred gives them permission. He learns they are adventurers known as the Company of the Green Griffon and they wish to talk to him about Undermountain. The woman is Duranthia of Lathander; the warriors are Ergen Croft, Xirus Lole, and Folgris Blackhammer, the dwarf; and their mage is Whidom of the White Wood. The Green Griffons seem to be an inexperienced fledgling group and they bombard the dwarf with a multitude of questions. The dwarven priest is fine with talking with the group until Whidom gets sick and pukes on Uldred.

While on Snail Street Vilnullas, Erith, and Corthen see a cryer who passes shouting, "See Feloria Flame perform the dance that made her famous up and down the Sword Coast. Only the Lady of Flame can inspire you with the Forbidden Mating Dance of Myramata. Come tonight, See many beautiful ladies on the stage at the Three Pearls Nightclub.”

Before dawn the party decides to return home for some much needed sleep. Walking up Gut Alley the party is accosted by a group of men and women. The party pulls weapons and prepare for the advancing threat. The threat turns out to be fourteen zombies. The group puts down the walking dead. Nolia notices a parchment pinned to one of the corpses. She reads it.

“Tellazar, you looked really bored earlier today searching for some snotty little brat no one really cares about. So I decided to give you and your friends something to liven your evening and destroy. I purchased these stupid groveling slaves today and choked the life from each of them with my own hands. You should have seen them beg for their lives. Then I gave them over to undeath so you and your friends could finish in this alley what I started. I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did. Perhaps you and I can sit down to a drink one day in Skullport. I’ll be there with a bottle of zzar when you decide you are ready to face me. Only then will we know who the better pupil is.
P.S. I had nothing to do with your lost wayward child. I wouldn’t wish to lead you astray on your mission of mercy…”

The group returns home and speaks to Tellazar. He says the zombie attack and note are the work of Trell, his hated foe. Tellazar says that old rumors exist of an underground port city, known as Skullport. He says that he must abandon the search for Ravgrin and the party should find Skullport and deal with Trell Blackhorn. The party has a drawn out and heated discussion over the matter. Eventually when put to a vote, the majority vote to keep searching for the missing boy. The party does agree to see what they can learn about Skullport so that they can make possible plans later to deal with the black wizard Trell.



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