Guardians of the Past

6th of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

Tellazar spends hours with the items that he has found radiate magic. He casts Identify on several items including the dwarven plate armor. He informs the others that it bears an enchantment of protection. Uldred and Saedellas are able to wear the armor, and the Barakor of Gorm takes the plate armor as part of his treasure split. Everyone tries to read a parchment scroll and learns that it is probably cursed, because it makes everyone who tries to read it feel slightly ill but whatever effects were intended do not come to pass.

The party goes out shopping in the city for replacement adventuring gear, to replace worn and frayed items as well as buying a few things that could be useful like a shovel and a ten foot pole. Corthen spies a new mansion being built in the Sea Ward and inquires if the home will be fore sale after its construction. The young man present says that he must speak to his uncle before he can answer the elf’s question. Corthen gives the young noble his name and where he can be found when an answer is forthcoming.

The party travels to see Honorable Mistress Seenroas Halvinhar, the High Priestess of the Tower of Luck, Temple of Tymora. The party asks for aid in helping restore Silvaris to full health. He was weakened by the wraith attack several days ago in Undermountain. She agrees on the condition that the members who are not servants of other deities must come to the Tower of Luck for the next three months. The members attending must spend ten hours a day in prayer or service to the Goddess of Luck in exchange for the aid of the Goddess. Silvaris must also agree to tithe one tenth of his earned wealth for a full year.



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