Guardians of the Past

21st of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

The Guardians return to Waterdeep after traveling the roads. Their journey took them to places like Liam’s Hold, Gillian’s Hill, Secomber, Uluvin, the Ellar Protectorate, Red Larch, Amphail, and Rassalantar.

Samira receives a message and informs Corthen and the others that Lord Eremoes Hawkwinter has asked for the party to come the Hawkwinter Villa once they had returned. Lord Hawkwinter greets the party and has food and drink brought out for them. After talking for a while, Lord Eremoes has servants bring forth gifts which he presents to his friends. He gives each adventurer a fine steel everbrighted dagger that has their name engraved upon the leather sheath. He also gives each member a bottle of Berduskan Dark Wine from his wine cellar. To Uldred he presents a handkeg of dwarven mead from the Earthfast Mountains. Finally he signs a document giving 300 acres of Hawkwinter land in Amphail to the party.

The Guardians gear up and travel to the Yawning Portal for another foray back into Undermountain. Upon entering Durnan’s inn they hear excited gossip about the Deep Delvers, an adventuring group of young nobles from Waterdeep that has reputedly returned recently from slaying Halaster, the master of Undermountain. Stories claim that they took his staff and other personal effects he was carrying.

Corthen Nightglade goes into an apoplectic fit and challenges the veracity of two members of the Deep Delvers who have remained behind to drink and bask in their glory. Corthen questions where the death occurred. Regnet Amcathra informs him that they had traveled to the 6th level of the underhalls where they encountered the mage. Corthen calls Regnet and the rest of the Deep Delvers liars and challenges them. A frowning Durnan tries to break up the trouble, but Corthen is upset and only agrees to step outside to face down the Deep Delvers. Corthen waits in the snow and cold for an hour before Erith finally comes out to inform him that Regnet and Bleys have left the tavern.

The adventurers finally make way and descend the well of the Yawning Portal. They decide to search rooms near the throne which transported them to the Forgotten Forest. The group is surprised to see that the armor that they destroyed in the Throne Gate Room is now intact and once again guarding the chamber. They leave the throne alone and examine a door off to the side. It is clear someone has plundered bronze plating that once covered this wooden door. Rehs checks the door and declares it is safe. Vilnullas opens the door to chamber beyond.
A single pillar covered with dried mud encrusted with gems. The party checks for traps and finding none they proceed to start plucking stones from the sparkling pillar. Suddenly a bony snake creature with a human-like skull merges out of the gem pillar. It attacks and in a quick strike it bites Corthen taking his finger and his enchanted ring of swimming. The Guardians of the Past struggle in melee with the creature; Tellazar finally destroys it with his spells. Corthen searches for his missing finger and his ring but the creature seems to have carried them inside of the gem pillar.

Repeated attempts to remove gems by the party bring out another six of these creatures. Uldred believes that they are known as Necrophidius, a lesser known undead creature. They party tired from their battle and a long day in the city above retreat to the Fountain of Knowledge for the night.



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