Guardians of the Past

18th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

After another day of preparation and restocking of foods, torches, and other items to be used in the dungeon foray the Circle of Valor is ready for adventure. They go to the Yawning Portal and descend into the depths once again. After traveling through several tunnels the group sees something medium sized up against a wall. It turns out to only be a studded leather tunic. Silvaris find 2 silver coins that have been snapped in half.

With the two warriors leading, the group comes upon a room where the walls and floor are covered in blood and the in the center of the room is a fountain. Corthen tastes the water in the fountain and begins to wretch and vomit uncontrollably. Saedellas asks Corellon for aid in healing Corthen of his sickness. After the prayer, Corthen says he feels that he can continue.

Corthen leads the group to a spartan room where a man holding a broadsword is sitting on a stool. He stands and smiles at the group. He has black hair, is stocky and looks to be about 50. He picks up a cocked crossbow. He says his name is Edelon and that this is his room. Cordiality breaks down and rather than battle a man who feels supremely confident against six armed opponents the group decides to back out and leave him alone.

At the end of a long corridor the party comes to a door. Silvaris listens and tells the group that he can hear some kind of muttering or talking on the other side of the stone door. Corthen bravely opens the door and the group rushes in. Inside are 2 large snarling figures looting the scattered dead bodies of another adventuring group. A short fight ensues in which Whitlowe’s arm is broken during the battle, then the young heroes start sorting through the carnage. It looks like an adventuring party had been attacked by bugbears. (Saedellas later describes the creatures to Delborggan the Blade and that is what he told him they were.) There are 7 human bodies and 5 bugbear bodies. Of the humans, there is a young bearded man in robes with a knapsack, brass ring, quarterstaff, broken flask of water, 3 broken tallow candles, a tinderbox and 2 flints, one of which is sharpened to cut. He also has a cotton drawstring purse containing some coins, a dagger, which they later identify bearing a battle enchantment and gives off light in a 5’ radius, and a spellbook.

Another corpse is of a burly, hairy man in hacked plate armor. He has a small sack. His own long sword is embedded in his side. He has a small hide purse with some coins, a sheathed dagger and a hand wheel of cheese. There is a man’s corpse with long blond hair. It is clad in chain mail. His neck has been broken. He is wearing a fine chain with a lacquered silver holy symbol of Tymora. He has a mace, a satchel, 4 bruised apples, a cloth bag with 5 oat cakes in a wooden bowl, a small canvas bag with kindling. He is also wearing a thick and sturdy belt with 16 slits; 6 of which hide 1 gold piece each. Tellazar takes the belt.

There is a slim man’s corpse with a mustache and a broken short sword. He also has a dagger, boots, grey leather armor, a sheathed dagger in his left boot, and a small canvas purse with metal plates inside. He has a flat top leather pouch with picks and a grapnel strapped to his wrist. He also has a 70 foot thin coiled cord that is dull grey in color. Erith takes the armored purse and Silvaris takes the thieves tools.

Another corpse with the black beard and scar on his left cheek is wearing scale mail and is carrying a battle axe. He has a crushed iron helm and a split shield as well as metal gauntlets. He has a gold ring that Corthen values at 300 gold. He has an ornate belt with a snarling lion buckle. It is worth about 2 gold. He also has a broadsword in its scabbard and a dagger. In his purse are a few coins and a bronze token with some symbols on it. Corthen takes the belt.

There is a corpse with red hair wearing studded leather armor. He has a sack, a broken iron lantern, blanket, boots, brass hilt of a broken dagger, a short sword, splintered wooden shield, a sheathed dagger, a candle end and a small purse with 2 copper in it.
The final corpse is of a brown haired man in studded leather. He has a billguisarme, a sack, a loaf of bread, a leathern flask, 2 stoppered glass vials of holy water, a hand axe and a dagger thrust in his belt. He also has a belt purse with a few coins, a whetstone and an oily cloth. Whitlowe takes the belt purse.

The party leaves the Undermountain to get Whitlowe healed. At the top of the well in the Yawning Portal, Saedellas and Erith speak with Lamras Kholl, a priestess of Tymora and they give her the holy symbol that the deceased adventuring priest was wearing. She tells the party to take Whitlowe to the temple of Tymora for healing. At the Church of the Luck Goddess the party donates 500 gold in appreciation for the magical healing to cure Whitlowe’s broken forearm.

Tellazar looks into alternative spell components for his identify spell. He finds out that goldfish cost one gold coin each and that the joke is that is why they are called goldfish. the party awards the hacked plate armor taken from the day’s expedition to Whitlowe. It is going to cost 200 gold coins and take 1 week to repair and resize it for him. The group gives 2 of the salvaged daggers to Erith.

The party searches around the city to find someone to buy the salvaged weapons and armor that they looted from the deceased humans and bugbears. They go to the Old Xoblob Shop and Balthorr’s Rare and Wondrous Treasures before winding up at Riautar’s Weaponry ran by Zronda the Nimble. He has a reputation for having the best bows and arrows in Waterdeep. He would not purchase the staff or clubs. He pays them the following for each:
Bilguisarme 2 gp
Halberd 36 sp
Morningstar 3 gp
Battle axe 17 sp
Black bladed scimitar 5 gp
Short sword 3 gp
War hammer 7 sp
Spear 2 sp
Long sword 5 gp
Spear head 1 sp
Broad sword 7 gp
Hand axe 4 sp
Short bow 10 gp

Then Corthen, Saedellas, and Silvaris head to see Delborggan the Blade, owner of the Riven Shield, who is rumored to sell magic weapons and armor. The 3 elves discuss selling weapons from Undermountain to the former adventurer turned shopkeeper. He is more concerned with item history rather than its usefulness. He does purchase some of the equipment and pays them the following for each:
Human sized chain mail 45 gp
Orc studded leather 5 gp
Human studded leather 44 sp
Human leather 3 gp
Shield 3 gp
Bugbear clubs 1 cp
Quarterstaff 2 cp
Studded leather tunic 3 gp
Metal gauntlets 1 gp
Mace 4 gp
Brass ring 3 sp
Gold ring 1 gp

Tellazar remains behind at the Dripping Dagger to examine the spell book and finds it has Burning Hands, Dancing Lights, Mending, Shocking Grasp, Spider Climb and Tenser’s Floating Disc spells inscribed by its former owner.



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